Top 10 Real Estate Markets in Australia 2020

Best Australian Real Estate Markets to Invest in Through 2020

Best Real Estate Markets to invest in through 2020 offers a critical decision-making role during investor planning. According to diverse real estate market experts, the property environment becomes significantly influenced by regular economic changes. Some characteristics related to a slower economy, a decrease in house prices, stricter credit conditions and lessor employment wages impacted the real estate market negatively. Oppositely lower house prices allowed investors to purchase properties against many affordable prices. The upkeep of the real estate market aligns significantly with the infrastructure and construction development sector. During most circumstances, if construction increases, it impacts the economic boom of an area. It also defines the buyer market. The examples below provide real estate markets identified as suitable to invest in 2020. Real estate varies between investment in the buying, rental, or industrial markets.

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1. Queensland Sunshine Coast

Queensland Sunshine Coast receives a number 1 on a list of Best Real Estate Markets to Invest in through 2020, presents a combination of community wellbeing, development opportunities, economic spaces and affordable housing. It allows a good living property environment associated with viable financial options and opportunities to live your dream. The Queensland market attracts the beach loving, Hinterland, tropical food supporters. It provides an opportunity for investors to purchase property in one of the most popular regions in Australia.

2. Western Sydney

Sydney offers a number 2 preferred real estate market. It allows for an excellent property investor environment with an increase in construction projects that boost the economy. In addition, the Badgerys Creek Airport upgrade, university and hospitals allow for the socio-economic upliftment of the surrounding area. The railway industry presents an increased interest in upgrading their infrastructure. In summary, it allows for extensive housing and living environments with added economic benefits. Sydney presents a real estate market, especially for culture lovers. From the opera house to museums, theatres and cultural tours, Sydney comprises it all. Investors looking for places in the cultural hub of Australia may find what they need.

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3. Newcastle

Newcastle provides a number 3 best real estate market to invest. The area offers a more affordable property market than others and presents an increase in population associated with an extensive job market. The area provides low vacancy rates, especially for first-time buyers. Newcastle in the Hinterland centre present characteristics related to the 7th largest city in Australia and many buying opportunities. The property environment allows an investor to purchase in an area represented by sea, port and history. Evident of beautiful scenic views, this place offers an excellent real estate market investment opportunity.

4. Melbourne West

Melbourne West number 4 on the list of preferred housing estate options presents an extensive population growth with an increase in infrastructure developments. An affordable and low vacancy rate environment, much needed to provide economically affordable housing markets. Although many negative comments relate to the property market in Melbourne West, it presents good size dwellings related to affordable property prizes.

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5. Brisbane

Brisbane at number 5 provides an alternative option for preferred real estate markets. The environment presents good employment growth figures. Although not as popular as the others mentioned, the area allows for affordable housing. Apart from residential housing, Brisbane provides urban property opportunities to investors interested in the rental market. If you a parent, Brisbane gives some good school concentration areas. The area offers a diverse and multi-cultural environment suitable for the property investor’s interests.

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6. Hobart

Hobart at number 6 provides low housing prices, extensive growth in rental returns, and significantly cheaper than Sydney. Hobart presents a living environment within a hilly and lots of sun landscape. It allows real estate market investors to purchase in an area characterised by organic type shops, villages, nature walks and beautiful valleys. If a buyer looks at purchasing an affordable property in a beautiful landscape, Hobart seems the place to be.

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7. Canberra

Canberra rated as number 7 offers a great opportunity for first-time buyers. If a person prefers apartment living in close vicinity of universities and an urban feel, Canberra offers what a real estate investor needs. The area presents a well-defined population growth with significant earnings, public sector environment, available universities and population growth. In addition, Canberra offers an environment suitable for nature lovers. The geographic landscape presents an opportunity for real estate investors interested in culture, nature, and lots of history.

8. Great Barrier Reef

Great Barrier Reef rates as number 8 provide a luxury real estate market. The area located off the Queensland Coast provides an opportunity to boutique investors who require an out of the ordinary place. The Great Barrier Reef allows property investors to purchase vacation accommodation at some of the most luxurious holiday destinations in the world. The location offers heaven for real estate market investors from housing to hotels. The properties surrounded by a spa, restaurants and reef diving clubs, offers the best holiday property market to invest in. Investors interested to look at beautiful scenic views should invest at the great reef. The Great Barrier Reef offers all a person needs to enjoy life.

9. Freycinet National Park

Freycinet National Park, number 9, provides an opportunity for real estate investors to purchase property within a natural environment. The outlook characterised by mountains, sea and white sand provides a luxury investment opportunity that high-end investors enjoy. Various properties in the nature reserve offer the real estate buyer with an adventure-like investment. Surrounded by mountains, valleys and beautiful nature, it should attract the luxury orientated buyer.

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10. Perth

Perth, number 10, displayed a lower figure in house prices and subsequently made the real estate environment significantly cheaper. The city-based property at the Swan River awards a wonderful feel for investors who look for a relaxing environment. Because of geographic locations, the area may present higher living costs because of transport issues. Perth known as the world’s most isolated city presents a relaxing sun-loving environment and therefore listed on the Top Real Estate Markets to Invest in through 2020.



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