Hunter Valley Wineries: A True Wine Love Story

Interesting Story of Hunter Valley Wineries

Your love of wine is just as big as your love of travelling? If the answer is yes, Hunter Valley wineries are your must-see destination. With more than 150 establishments, Hunter Valley is what you think of when thinking about wine tasting, enjoying a picturesque setting and appreciating fresh valley air. Australia’s oldest wine region will surely leave you speechless. Whether you decide to explore the valley as a part of a tour, or organize a private trip, to get the most out of the experience, these following vineyards are among the best of the best for sure.

1. Silkman Wines

Although they are quite young in the business, Silkman Wines tend to create a ”love at first sight ” impact.The owners, Liz and  Shaun Silkman, transformed their love for wine into a great family business. Their small, yet lovable winery is already a proud owner of different awards.

2. Scarborough Wines

The owners, Ian Scarborough and his family, started the business back in the 80’s. Their two cellar doors are warm and welcoming, creating a homely atmosphere. Moreover, their cellar door experience is quite unique. Why so? Well, you’re usually served complimentary cheese and salami during the tasting tour.

When talking about their main cellar, the breathtaking view of the Brokenback mountain range is an additional plus to the already great wine experience.

The winery boasts with their Chardonnay, a tasteful yet light Pinot Noir and an amazing Vermentino which is their novelty.

3. First Creek Wines

First Creek boasts with a 20 year long tradition; during which period they became a well-known name when it comes to great-quality wine. Their cellar is described as quite ordinary, but their wine is definitely worth your visit.

Another great thing when it comes to their wines is the variety. They make everything you can wish for, from Merlot and Shiraz to sweet Moscato and Botrytis.

4. Botanica Winery

Botanica Winery is a part of the astonishing Botanica restaurant; located at the Hunter’s Spicers Vineyard Retreat; a true paradise of the region. The utmost attention is devoted to what seem to be minor, but are in fact important details. All in order to provide you with an unforgettable experience.

There’s yet another curiosity regarding the Botanica: they have no cellar doors, therefore the best thing you can do is pair some of their wines with the amazing food served at the restaurant. If they were to advise you on the wine choice, they would certainly recommend their excellent Chenin Blanc.

5. Small Winemakers Center

This unique center is located just opposite Brokenwood, giving the opportunity to many vineyards which are too small to have a cellar door of their own. It is a great opportunity for them to show and present their wines to the public, accompanied by the amazing scenery of the region.

Another thing that stands out in the Small Winemakers Center, is their amazing customer service; which will provide you with great advice regarding the wines they offer.

As you can see, the Hunter Valley wineries will not leave you disappointed, on the contrary, you’ll get everything you could wish for and even more. Let the wine talk and lead you through some of the most interesting cellars of Australia.

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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