Whale Watching In Australia – Australian Tourism Guide

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Whale Watching In Australia: Acrobatic of whales is the most majestic act for the people. Ever year, thousands of tourists come to experience this incredible scene. Ever winter, whales do their typical movements at Byron Bay & Hervey Bay. Both are located in the north. The scene is iconic when whales do amazing communication. You can’t miss the chance! Nothing is more graceful than watching whales sail towards the Western coastline. The main areas include Geographe Bay, Albany and Dunsborough.

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Whale Watching in Australia – Australian Tourism Guide

Way back, this priceless creature was hunted to extinction. But now, the conditions are favorable for them. When whales slowly move from Antartic waters to Tasmania’s Oyster Bay. The sight is absolutely majestic!

In late April, the whales make the journey to breeding waters. The precise location is Southern Australia and Victoria. While humpback whales continue the journey to the warmer side. It means, you need to come in between May to November for this encounter.

Top 6 Locations For Whale Watching In Australia

Here are the top locations for whale watching in Australia:

1- Western Australia:

In early June, humpback and southern right whales come to Flinders Bay. While in September, they move to Dunsborough along with rare blue whales. Humpback whales, southern right whales and pygmy whales move seamlessly through aquamarine waters. You can encounter them at the Cape Naturaliste lighthouse or cruise. Albany’s is another great spot for whale watching. Time between July and October is the mating season. You can check out the scene in King George Sound. Fro more deep knowledge, there is a whale museum in Albany’s.

2- South Australia:

In the south, at Encounter Bay southern right whales glide for breeding. The breeding season is between May & October. Every year, cruise gets arranged from Granite Island for experiencing this iconic spot. At Ceduna, the view is awesome as it includes whales, sea lions and white sharks. But you are required to get protected boat from the Bight whale sanctuary.

3- Victoria:

Between June & September, southern whales calve at Logan’s Beach. Here, whales breed their babies to become strong. Whales prepare their babies for the journey back to Antartic waters. Undoubtedly, the scene is spectacular!

Another awesome experience is at Lady Bay. At that place, new mums spray out water.

4- Tasmania:

From May, in Great Oyster Bay southern and humpback whales glide through blue-green waters. You should take a cruise to face them in the Tasman sea. Whales glides through ancient migration routes in this water.

5- New south Wales:

Every year, cruise gets departed from Sydney Harbour between May and September. Because humpback male whales move to the east coast. You may experience the same scene in the June at Byron Bay. Here, you will find tons of exciting activities. For example, view from Byron lighthouse. Or listen to hunting songs of whales on the hydrophone.

6- Queensland:

The view is radiant when humpback whales do slapping and pectoral flapping. You need to visit Hervey Bay between July and November. This is known as the capital of whales. But don’t forget to check out Stradbroke Island. For close encounter, cruise gets arranged from Mooloolaba.

In short, Australia is the best port in the world for watching these intelligent creatures.

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