Top 10 Emerging Startups To Watch For In Australia In 2020

Meeting Consumer Needs With Australia’s Top Startups

Words are not enough to describe how technology has changed our way of living. The convenience that technology has brought to our lives helped everyone to manage their time better. It made our jobs easier because almost everything is at the tip of our fingers. Technology has also allowed visionaries to give birth to their dreams. These creative geniuses have managed to develop products and services that answer the anticipated needs of consumers. These needs were not thought of even a decade ago but are now considered requirements to our daily lives. Australia’s top startup Top 10 Emerging Startups To Watch For In Australia In 2020 began with a dream of making life easier, making better use of our time, and filling the service gaps that current companies do not give. Whether they started with inspiration from home or from work, these startups are on their way to being global companies because of the value they give.

1. Canva

Founded in 2012, Canva is a website that caters to amateurs and professionals in the graphics design industry. It uses a simple drag-and-drop mechanism that makes it easy for users to create posters, presentations, brochures, and numerous other products that require the use of graphics. After 3 years, Canva for Work was launched, giving businesses a great tool for the creation and production of marketing materials. Currently, Canva has over 10 million users. Being popular in Silicon Valley and beyond, it was no surprise that several ventures poured investment into the company, raising $40 million in 2018 and another $70 million in 2019. The company, headed by one of the youngest CEOs in the world that made a website that is essentially a dropbox for fonts, images, graphics, and photographs, is now valued at over $2 billion, making it one of the most successful startups in Australia.

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2. Camplify

Upon seeing all the RVs and campers in his area not used for most of the year, founder Justin Hales thought of a way to make use of these seemingly idle assets, and Camplify was born. This startup is essentially a camper-sharing community. Camplify connects RV owners with holidaymakers around the world. As Australia is a country famous for its landscapes that makes camping an enjoyable adventure, tourists are faced with the challenge of renting campervans, caravans, trailers, or motorhomes for their trip. Camplify answered this by gathering a community of owners who would like to earn by renting out their vehicles at a time convenient for them. Tourists, on the other hand, get to enjoy their holiday without having to buy their own campervans. The easy booking system of Camplify, together with added values like insurance, wide listings across the country, and rental rates that can be customized according to customer needs, this startup caught the interest of investors and had secured funding of more than $2 million.

3. Speedlancer

Freelancers getting jobs online is not a new business. There are many platforms that offer short-term projects to anyone who is skilled enough to complete tasks over the internet. What founder Adam Stone did was to add value to online freelancing – Speedlancer commits to getting the job done in under four hours. Hundreds of freelancers are in the marketplace to deliver writing, designing, researching, and lead-generation needs of companies who are tired of outsourcing their requirements to agencies and individuals who cannot get the job done on time. Employers have the option to hire someone immediately or to cancel contracts right away as well. Speedlancer also offers a money-back guarantee to those who are not satisfied with the product. This shows that startups need not be enterprises that offer new products or services. They can also expand on currently existing ones but offer more that will give greater value to clients.

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4. Feedmee

Many of us spend a lot of time thinking of what to eat, browsing through menus to choose among the countless dishes in front of us. Instead of spending time enjoying our food, we lose minutes in making our decision. Feedme is an AI-based application that helps us make better use of our time. Based on the eating pattern and preferences of the user, the app will make recommendations depending on where you are, making it a restaurant discovery platform as well. When used, the member will be able to see what meal is recommended by Feedmee, how to get to the restaurant that serves the meal, how much it is, and how it looks. The AI uses an algorithm to come up with the recommendations but the user can still manually search through food types that he craves. The social enterprise also gives back to the community. Whenever the app is used for dining in or ordering delivery, a donation is made to OzHarvest, an organization that provides meals to disadvantaged individuals. With this, you are helping the community as well with every meal you order via Feedmee.

5. OpenLearning

The thirst for education never ends, but the platform in which education is made available has an important role in learning. This is what OpenLearning offers as one of the successful Australian startup companies. Based on the philosophy that students learn when they are engaged and not merely memorizing terms, this online learning platform uses the workflow of most social media applications where participants can like and comment on courses they are in. Students are encouraged to create and collaborate with their online classmates so that learning is interactive. Educators, on the other hand, are given support in terms of tools and courses that are available to them. Beyond content delivery, OpenLearning aims to foster connectedness and student engagement within the community without the pressure of getting high grades. With this platform, you will be able to continue your personal development with the different courses they have at your own pace and at your own time.

6. Travelshoot

While on a vacation in New York, Sarah Pearce had the pleasure of experiencing a photoshoot with a professional photographer. This led her to start Travelshoot, a pioneer in the photography world. Much like booking your accommodation with Airbnb or a campervan with Camplify, Travelshoot is an online community of photographers and holidaymakers who would like to have someone to take their photos while on vacation. The site is simple to use. The tourist can book their shoot by choosing their location, date and time that a photographer is needed. Travelshoot will connect the user to local photographers who are available at the time they are needed. When the big day comes, the photographer will meet them and the results will be available in just 7 days. This takes a lot of worries off couples who are on destination weddings, families on vacation who would like to have all members on photos and even travel bloggers who would like beautiful photos of them during their trips. Available in over 90 cities, Travelshoot gives the opportunity for local photographers to book more clients and travellers to have the high-quality pictures they want as remembrance of their trip.

7. BenchOn

Recognizing the underutilization of employees across industries in Australia, founder Tim Walmsley established BenchOn. One of Australia’s top startups, this supplier sourcing platform aims to match non-working employees with reputable companies who have needs for short-term contracts. Launched in 2016, this greatly helped companies that are looking for skilled workers who are looking for jobs during their idle time. To date, BenchOn has facilitated over $50 million through the platform through hundreds of corporate clients, some of whom have given full-time jobs to the employees initially hired on a short-contract basis.

8. PayHero

A startup from Adelaide is slowly making headway as a preferred payment system of businessmen and customers. PayHero allows customers to pay through credit card when clients avail the services of individuals who would otherwise just take cash. The target market of the company is composed of skilled workers like fitness trainers, yoga instructors, mechanics, household cleaners, and real estate agents. The PayHero system allows automatic billing that reduces paper invoices. If you are an online seller, you can also register to have a safe and secure platform to sell your products. Bank accounts can be enrolled in the system, allowing you to transfer funds from PayHero to your personal account to lessen the time you spend in merchant facilities.

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9. TheIconic

One of the industries that have been greatly shaken by the advent of technology in the retail industry. When shopping has before meant travelling to your favourite mall, looking for and paying for parking space, before going into the mall and going through countless shops to find what you are looking for, shopping has now been made easier and more convenient. In the comforts of your home, you shop for what you need and make use of your time better. TheIconic was launched in 2011, one of the pioneers in Australian startup companies that stepped up to the dynamic needs of shoppers. The premier online shopping site of Australia gives customers access to over a thousand local and international brands, bringing countless fashion and sportswear products to its members. What sets TheIconic apart from other online shopping sites is its delivery service. With a guaranteed delivery time of 3 hours in Sydney to overnight shipment anywhere in the country, TheIconic has set the bar higher and is the standard of online fashion shopping.

10. Crowd Delivery

Keeping the shopper in mind, this next startup is a fairly new player in the online shopping game. Founded in 2015, Crowd Delivery is a community of “heroes” who will do your grocery shopping for you. CEO and founder Warwick Cox recognizes that not everyone can go to the local greengrocer or butcher to get their groceries. The service gap that Crowd Delivery fills is one that is brought by either convenience or mobility. Most customers simply don’t have the time or resources to do their groceries, while some are physically challenged to do so. The customers just have to enter their shopping list into the app and one the Heroes will get them for you. The items will then be delivered to your place in less time than it will take you to travel from your home to the marketplace.

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Technology has truly given us the opportunity to make wiser use of our time. With many sites and applications that we can use, the products and services we need are just a few taps away. Australia’s top startups have seen the need of the consumers for more convenient and efficient ways to work, shop, get paid, and delivery services. The economic environment in the country has allowed these enterprises to get the funding their need in order to establish the companies they want. With innovation, proper support, and the customers’ needs in mind, startups will soon become the leaders in today’s market.

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