10 Best Oxymorons

Top 10 Daily Used Oxymorons

Oxymorons are two opposite words that completely contradict themselves yet make perfect sense. They are fun and “awfully good, ” people use them all the time without even being aware they are “falsely true”. Even the word itself is an oxymoron derived from ancient Greece. Oxys meaning sharp and moronis, dull or stupid. Oxymorons are regularly used in sentences and phrases. No wonder English is such a complex, difficult language to learn. There are many out there but we’ve selected 10 for your pure enjoyment.

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Oxymoron Amazon Ref – Seriously Funny and Other Oxymorons

Nr 1. – Everyone knows a “bittersweet” experience. This could be likened to the death of a loved one on your birthday, heaven forbid or getting good news and bad news at the same time, that’s bittersweet.

Amazon ref – Bittersweet

Nr. 2 – At some stage, we’ve all had “ill health.” We’ve all had a cold or flu, or one of our body parts is playing up and we’re bedridden for a time.  We’re in ill health, but generally not life-threatening and recovery rates are good.

Amazon ref – What Really Makes You Ill?

Nr. 3 – Same difference – used all the time but what does it even really mean. Two arguments completely different but they’re construed as similar or the same thing.

Amazon ref – Same Difference

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Nr. 4 – Pretty Ugly – really ugly and not in a pretty way. Can be likened to a person or a situation.

Amazon ref  – Uglies: Uglies; Pretties

Nr. 5 – Big Baby – this can work for any age. Could involve lots of crying over a silly issue.

Amazon ref – Baby Born Surprise Dolls

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Nr. 6 – Living Dead – this is how many people go through life. Mostly attributed to the dull and boring. Wake up people, it’s too short to waste. In the movie genre, the living dead are known as zombies.

Amazon ref – The Living Dead

Nr. 7 – Old news – generally been heard before or its outdated. Tell me something new.

Amazon ref – Old News 

Nr. 8 – Seriously funny – like really funny, seriously laughing, and there’s another one without even trying too hard.

Amazon ref – Seriously Funny

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Nr. 9 – Deafening Silence – it’s so quiet out there you can actually hear the sound of silence, and there’s almost another one right there.

Amazon ref  – Deafening Silence

Nr. 10 – Crash landing – needs no explanation, just is what it is. Can also be attributed to people, even though aeroplanes come to mind.

Amazon Ref – Crash Landing 

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