New Technology Is Changing The Way We Buy Homes

Home-Buying Experience Made Easier For You With These Apps 

In Australia, the home-buying process is undergoing something of a technological revolution. Computer programs, headsets, and apps are gradually becoming commonplace in order to make the home-buying experience easier and more enjoyable for buyers. In fact, Australia’s first virtual reality property app was launched by REA Group in 2016 with the Chief Inventor, Nigel Dalton, predicting most Australians will own VR headsets by 2020, CMO Australia reports. So, what exactly does this new era of technology have in store for homebuyers? Let’s take a look and find out.

Virtual Tours

One of the most popular technological advancements in real estate is 3D virtual property tours. Various Australian property development groups have adopted this new technology, which is still in its early stages. Most notably, developer Villawood Properties have created a virtual reality display village showcasing their vision for a Rathdowne community in Wollert. While wearing a headset and using a handheld controller, customers can walk through and explore homes in order to get a complete feel for the look and size of each room. It’s even possible to walk outside on the street.

The biggest benefit provided by virtual tours is the sheer amount of time saved both for buyers and real estate agents. Numerous homes can be viewed in a matter of minutes; they need to journey in person from one home to another for viewing is completely eliminated. Remote viewing is a much more efficient process all around.

Some of the best marketing companies for real estate agents in 2022 are utilizing a host of different technologies to get the best for the agent and the consumer.  

Smartphone Apps

Gone are the old days of just having a standard floorplan to look at. Smartphone apps now exist to help customers feel like they’re standing directly inside a property — even before it’s been built. Builders like Fairhaven Homes, for example, offer an app which allows potential buyers to choose their favorite home design from as many as fifty different options. They can then take a tour of the home through an immersive 360-degree view. The home is presented fully-furnished, so buyers can understand the type of furniture that suits the space. If a design needs changing to better suit the buyer’s needs, that’s also no problem.

Rise of the Drones

Real estate agents are increasingly shooting properties with drones rather than presenting potential buyers with the usual stock-standard photos. The advantages of drone footage are strong: it offers cinematic, sweeping views and overhead shots impossible to achieve with regular cameras. In particular, drones are used to create a video which introduces both the property and the lifestyle that goes along with it — one the right buyer can easily imagine himself living. The footage also aims to forge an emotional connection between the property and buyer; this can resonate deeply with buyers much more than a simple written list of features can.

While impressive, these advances in technology are still in their early stages. As we move further and further into a new technological world, we can expect these applications to become more refined and increasingly commonplace in the real estate industry. Home buying will never be the same again. I hope you got all the necessary details regarding Technology Is Changing.

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