Foods You Must Try in Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy, and it is situated in the west-central part of the country. It is famous for its Roman monuments, like the Colosseum, the Pantheon, the Trevi Fountain, and many more. Additionally, the temperate climate makes it a great destination to visit all year round.

Italian cuisine is widely known and loved by people all around the world. Thus, it would be a shame if you visited Rome and you didn’t try the authentic versions of foods you love. Besides the worldwide famous dishes, there are some traditional Italian foods that have not gained so much popularity even though they are delicious.

Rome is a big city and you will find a bazillion restaurants, fast food stalls and bakeries to visit. As you wander around the city in a car hired by Enjoy Travel, you will get to enjoy the view and see for yourself the amazing shop windows. Do not hesitate to ask the driver to make a stop at popular spots and try one of the food options mentioned below.

  1. Pasta

Of course, we’ll start with the classics. Pasta is a famous Italian dish. Although it is a quick and easy thing to cook and most people know how to make pasta at home, it is such a delicious dish and it can be created in so many different styles and with so many ingredient combinations that it is always included in menus at restaurants in Italy and all around the world. Two variations that you should definitely try is carbonara, which consists of pasta, egg, cheese and chopped pork, and Cacio E Pepe. Cacio E Pepe is a pasta dish with Cacio cheese, which is made of cow’s milk, and black pepper – simple but delicious.

  1. Pizza

One more classic option is pizza. Of course, there is no right or wrong choice in this category. You will find a great range of flatbread types and toppings. The shape of the pizza can be either square or circular. I would recommend choosing a slice with toppings that include local ingredients, like Italian cheeses and meats.

pizza try ion rome

  1. Suppli

Suppli is a deep-fried snack in the shape of a big egg. Inside there is rice, meat – small chunks of beef, sausage or chicken – and tomato sauce. Once all the aforementioned ingredients are cooked and mixed together, mozzarella cheese is added. After they are all shaped into a ball and fried, this mouth-watering snack is ready.

  1. Porchetta

One of the most famous Italian meats is porchetta. This is slow-roasted pork, without the bones, and nicely seasoned. It can be tasted as the main course of a meal, and have something else on the side, or it can be the main ingredient in a sandwich.

  1. Gelato

After all those savoury dishes, it is finally time for dessert. There is no better dessert in Rome than gelato. Gelato looks a lot like ice cream, but it has a denser texture, and it has more milk and less cream than ice cream. You should do a quick research and visit a gelateria that makes gelato with natural ingredients and no artificial colours.

gelato try in rome

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