Amazon Kindle Oasis Review

Amazon Kindle Oasis products are known to be the best e-readers. Usual user will find e-reader a strange device. Because e-readers are not developed to replace your laptops, tablets or smartphones. E-readers have one and only purpose that is world-class reading experience on an electronic device. Amazingly, e-readers are proud of what they do! That’s why Kindle products seem to be odd for usual user or nonreader!

Amazon Kindle Oasis Review:

As we all know, Kindle is the brand coming from the online shopping giant that is Amazon. The brand has presented latest Kindle version in the shape of Kindle Oasis. It is the most advanced and sleekest model from the brand till date!

The most prominent fact is the unique changes in the design. Previous versions of Kindle shared same design features. Whether it comes to keyboard or buttons or touchscreen, everything was same. But in Kindle Oasis, we got everything latest and innovative!

Normally, you would hold the Kindle from the bottom by wrapping the hand. But you can hold Kindle Oasis like a traditional book. It has a spine structure on the side. That’s why you can hold it easily like a traditional book. Due to light weight, it seems easy to grab this device! The design may look absurd, but it is effective and efficient!

Amazon has presented the thinnest e-reader ever. As per the company’s claims, it is 20% thinner than other e-readers. It weighs only 131g, which is much lighter than latest iPhone 6S.

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As said earlier, in Kindle Oasis we have better design features. That’s why it is packed with all the features from Voyage. We have a same 300ppi display with E Ink touch. But the lightening system is 60% better than Voyage. This way, you get a more glowing screen for better reading experience.

The impressive part is the storage cover. Honestly, this cover is super stylish. The cover comes in three colors that include a brown, plain black and Merlot. The best part, each cover is composed of genuine leather.

The leather case is not just for protection. The case houses an extra battery. Once you slip the Kindle Oasis into the case, you will get battery life up to 7 weeks. Without this extra juice, it lasts for two weeks only. That’s why, if you a typical e-reader, you must use it with a cover!

At first, the users were little disappointed with low battery life. To make the device thinner, the company had to compromise on the battery life. Then developers came up with a solution of this cover up battery. You can easily attach the Kindle Oasis in the rear with cover using pogo pins.

Amazon Kindle Oasis Review

There is one thing missing, that is superb audio technology. You don’t have any speaker of the headphone port. We think Amazon has missed the opportunity always. This brand is known for fantastic audio book service. Then why not bring the best audio service on Kindle. Unfortunately, we can’t get it in any Kindle right now!

Where every other brand is trying to make devices waterproof, still Oasis is not waterproof. We expected this feature from Kindle, but the brand is not ready for this technology cut. As per their claims, the company has not achieved such technology to make gadget waterproof.

Honestly, Kindle Oasis is incredible and greatly designed reading machine. Within a few minutes of use, you get impressed with its performance!

When you get impressive features, it is going to cost you. So, Kindle Oasis is the priciest Kindle version from the company.

The bottom line is that the charm of Kindle Oasis is incredible. As said at the start, Kindle is the only product that is trying to be distinctive. Instead of replacing other products, it is trying to set a trend. It is an e-reader, it means the main focus of this device is a world-class reading experience. So what makes Oasis better when you have Paperwhite or Voyage? Hmm, this question is valid. Then the simple answer is the unique design and sharply engineered hardware. Honestly, you will say why do I buy this e-reader? But once you hold it, you cannot deny its charm. One sentence, it is exclusively amazing when it comes to e-readers!

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