List of All Dystopian Literature up to 2023

List of Comprehensive Dystopian Novels From the 1800’s to 2023

List of all Dystopian Literature up to 2023 – This article looks at one of the most comprehensive lists in the world of Dystopian Literature. Ralph K Jones a dystopian novelist himself has gathered and reviewed the 100’s of Dystopian novels. The fun approach has taken a look at events that occurred during that era and speculates what may have contributed to the Author’s works of art. Dystopian Novels over the years have served as warnings, such as big government, erosion nation-state and civil liberties that were so hard fought for being eradicated.

Ralph K Jones Comprehensive List of Dystopia’s

Dystopian Literature of the 19th Century

Dystopian Literature 20th Century – 1900 -1910

Dystopian Literature 20th Century 1910 – 1920

Dystopian Literature 20th Century – 1920 -1930

Dystopian Literature 20th Century – 1930 -1940

Dystopian Literature 20th Century – 1940 -1950

Dystopian Literature 20th Century – 1950 -1960

20th Century Dystopia Literature 1960 – 1970

20th Century Dystopia Literature 1970 – 1980

20th Century Dystopia Literature 1980 – 1990

Dystopian Literature 20th Century – 1990 -2000

21st Century Dystopia Literature 2000 – 2010

Dystopian Literature 21st Century – 2010 -2020

Dystopian Readers Paradice

The huge and comprehensive collection above is sure to offer something for everyone who enjoys Dystopian Fiction. As a huge fan myself, why not take the opportunity to read some of my reviews. I have made a detailed Top 10 list with individual comprehensive explorations of each of my favourite Dystopia’s.

10 Best Dystopian Novels of All Time

Share Your Favourite Dystopian Novel

Let me know your best Dystopian novel I would love to do a review, or hear your opinion on this amazing genre. While some may see Dystopian Literature as just a story, those awake enough see it for what it is a warning on unchecked power and control of the population through nefarious means.

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