7 Best Weapons To Use For Self-Defence In a Post-Apocalyptic World (Top 10) Part 1

7 Best Self-Defence Weapons in a Post-Apocalyptic World (Top 10) Part 1

Think about it – how would a regular person like yourself defend if attacked by savages? You don’t know martial arts, you can’t run and hide, and unfortunately, you’re not Superman. So, most likely, you’ll get hurt or killed. Clearly, your only solution would be guns. Or any weapon, that is. Go ahead, pick the one you like best and then start practising, because you never know – the world could end tomorrow.

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1. Let’s start with something basic, something simple that wouldn’t require a lot of training. Let’s say a baseball bat. You don’t have to be a perfect hitter just to swing in self-defence. You watched baseball at least once, right? So, a hit and run might be your best solution.

2. Now we can try something a little sharper. A marine’s knife would be the obvious choice. Or even just a plain old kitchen knife. That would be a good start. Obviously, start practising on a box, a pillow or even a watermelon, preferably with competent supervision. Hell, you can even take a class or two. If you already know how to use it – maybe you where a chef – great, you’re all set.

3. All right, it’s time to use those skills you’ve gained watching horror movies. We’re talking of course about an axe. The method is more or less like with the baseball bat. Hit and run. And try not to miss, because that won’t end well for you.

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4. Time to try something else. Have you ever used a slingshot as a kid? Well, that wouldn’t help you much anyway, because this one is a professional hunting slingshot. You’ll need a lot of practice. Also, you need to know what the right target is if you know what I mean. Because a hit in the leg won’t do you much good.

5. Lastly, you should try using a bow and arrow. Now, this skill is not easy to acquire. You’ll need much more practice than with the slingshot and enough safe space to shoot around. You should also get a big archery target. Shoot – miss, shoot – miss, shoot – miss a 100 times, until you hit the board. Eventually, you’ll hit the bullseye. And then you can become a proud owner of great useful skill in the post-apocalyptic world.

All right, you have now officially mastered the cold weapons (we hope). But your journey is only halfway through. And if you wish to survive the apocalypse, halfway is not enough, not even close. So now it’s time to advance to the bigger leagues. Unless you’re scared? If so, consider buying this. Not scared, after all? Are you ready? Good. Then let’s start. Click here for part 2 that includes firearms.


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Fun Fact

What would be the best weapons to own after the apocalypse?

Bladed weapons – These are utility items and weapons. Blades can let us hunt and butcher game animals, cut food for cooking, skin game for clothing, tend a garden, and be weapons. Another melee weapon you can use in a post-apocalyptic scenario is the baseball bat. You most likely already have one at home.

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