The Wackiest Products You Can Buy Online During the Lockdown

Wacky Products to Buy Online During Lockdown

Understandably, Internet traffic has gone up since the Coronavirus outbreak. People order in. There are millions of products to chose from, but some of them are simply unimaginable.

1. Cat Wine

Wait, what? Yes, you read it well. And no, it isn’t wine made from cats – it’s a wine made FOR cats. It’s called “Moscato” wine and it’s perfect for alcoholic cats. Spoiler alert: it doesn’t really contain alcohol or anything harmful to your pet.

2. Nothing

Want to give your loved one a perfect gift? Look no further. “Jay Nothing” is available on Amazon for only £7.81. It’s literally a small package with nothing in it. Who wouldn’t want that, seriously? And at that price, it’s practically a steal.

3. Daddle Saddle

It’s a saddle for dads so their children can play cowboys. Yup, your kid can now literally ride you all day long, as it didn’t already do that.

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4. Giant Nose Soap Dispenser

Now, this is a real treat. All you have to do is press the nose and a booger oozes out. Okay, it’s actually soap. But still – why?

5. Mini Hands

They’re hands, just smaller. You put them on your fingers and you have 5 hands on 1! Again, you might ask – why? Who knows. Maybe so you can shake 5 people at once. It’s really up to your imagination.

6. Pet Sweep

These are actually 4 dust boots that your dog can wear and clean the floors just by walking around. You can read a book and relax while your dog cleans the house. But that might be dog labour, so you probably shouldn’t buy it.

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7. Keyboard Sandals

It’s an accurately made keyboard for your feet. Not sure how comfortable it is, but if you’re a true gamer you probably have to buy it. Sorry.

8. Dirt Cologne

This one’s a no-brainer. You want to smell dirty? No problem. Why would you want to smell dirty? It’s really up to you.

9. Human Body Fat Replica

An anatomically. bunch of unpleasant looking body fat. It might look gross though, but a lot of people like it. In fact, many of them said that, just by looking at that gross thing, it helped them become more motivated to work on their health. So, no matter how weird this product is, it’s obviously productive and the outcome turned out to be wholesome and actually nice.

10. And We Leave The Best For Last

Emergency underpants. They’re completely safe, secure and sanitary. All of us, and I mean all of us, genuinely hope we don’t ever find ourselves in that situation. However, if you’re truly unlucky, then it might be wise to have a pair ready to go instantly.

So go ahead, take your pick. Which one of these products did you find the funniest or wackiest? Or, who knows, maybe even pretty useful?

Main Image Source : Pexels

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