How To Survive a Nuclear War Or an Alien Invasion? Part 2


How to Survive A Catastrophic Nuclear War or A Scary Alien Invasion – Part 2

Welcome to part 2 of you know what. We will now show you the most expensive and shocking shelters out there. But in case you somehow got lost and ended up here first, here’s the first part of the article. Anyway, let’s continue.

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1. “A 5-Star Hotel” Bunker

The price looks insane, but trust us, it’s nothing compared to the next one. Anyhow, surviving the apocalypse in this bunker is like staying in a luxurious hotel. Imagine traveling to an all-inclusive resort for a vacation. Well, this is it. Except it has no beach or sea. But you must have expected that already since it is the end of the world and you are going underground. The interior is contemporary styled and has everything you need. Many famous people have reserved bunkers like this in case of an emergency. However, other than its beauty and luxury, the most important thing about this bunker is that it has high-security. And that’s the whole point, right? To be fully protected from invaders.

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2. Survival Condo

Does it sound familiar at all? Remember that MrBeast’s video in which he spent 24 hours in a doomsday bunker? Well, this one is located in Kansas. And, unlike all the previous ones, this one is actually very luxurious and expensive. This enormous bunker has literally everything – a gym, a pool, a library, an entertainment room with a pool table, dog walking park, theatre – basically anything you can think of,. They even have apartments and penthouses, so you don’t have to share your room with anyone. Their Nuclear, Biological and Chemical (NBC) air filtration can filter out pathogens like COVID-19. It has 14 floors going down, and It’s almost like a little city. Rooms even have fake windows with a natural light look-alike. The best part is – you can take your pets with you and can actually live there even when there’s no crisis. Although the price might be a tiny problem. Just a tiny couple of million. But, hey, you can always just take a free tour and enjoy it for just a little while.

3. The Perfect Shelter

Maybe you didn’t like any of the bunkers we showed you so far. Or they might have been too cheap. Either way, they just weren’t to your standards, we understand. That’s why we kept the best for last. Its most definitely be up to anyone’s standards. It will protect everything except you. Enjoy.

All in all, since we can’t fight nuclear bombs or aliens with our bare hands or even automatic rifles, all we can do is hide, try to wait it out and hope for the best. Sounds pretty dull, I know. I sort of always imagined an armageddon to be all fun and exciting, excluding the death part of course. However, some pretty scary high-tech weaponry is also being tested as we speak, so not even these shelters may help you. Check it out, it’s only a couple of years away.

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