UK Fishing Industry Set for Huge Global Domination

UK Fishing Industry- Post-Brexit Rebirth

UK fishing Industry Set for Huge Global Domination
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UK fishing industry – The sweet taste associated with fish is as great as ever but the policies behind the industry seem to annoy most people. Scientists, conservationists and fishers have lambasted fisheries management for decades.

The European Union Common Fishery Policy is at the centre of this system. The system is not so famous and some scientists themselves say the system can fail. The opponents say the system has mismanaged the productive seas in Europe and “given away” UK’s fish.

The notion of being in charge of fishing may have led to the Leave camp victory. So what is on the table regarding fish?

For starters, reality defeats the thought that all the fish in the seas have been extricated by pesky foreign boats. Yes, the number of fish is not as high as it used to be during Moby Dick’s time. But after 118 years statistics were analyzed, reality came to out. Most of the reduction took place before the 1983 implementation of Common Fisheries Policy.

Who Owns UK Fishing Industry?

Many misunderstand the owner of the UK fish quotas. Once the Council sets the EU fishing limits, the member states can share out its portion among its fleet. It is not the EU that makes this decision. Many may be scared by the fact that Dutch-vessels net close to 6% of UK fishing quota. But after the Brexit, the government may be in control of the fishing allocation. Some pro-Brexit has already proposed systems that working elsewhere.

The UK also gets a sole controller of its fish waters. But of course no fish is British. It has no respect for national boundaries considering their mobile nature. Thus, unlike Norway and Iceland, UK will still have to be a good neighbour and share its fish.

Regulating The Foreign Fishermen – UK Fishing Industry

Britain will find it a necessity to arrive at quotas agreements with its neighbours. Maybe this can keep off the foreign boats. But investment in public bodies that can keep watch of the water territories like the Marine Management Organization will be necessary.

If the UK chooses this kind of escalation, then its fishing boats will not be given access to foreign quotas. The path taken will remain to be seen.

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