EU Referendum – Boris Johnson Making A Stand

EU Referendum – The Exchequer Is Not Happy With Mr. Johnson’s Quit Stance

EU Referendum – Boris Johnson Making A Stand

Ever since announcements for upcoming EU referendum were made, a lot of the tension that was already in the Tory house was brought to light. Apart from six cabinet ministers showing their support for a Brexit leave, the Mayor of London came to also show support for the leave campaign. Mr. Johnson’s declaration has angered some Tory members and the exchequer, Mr. George Osborne came out clearly to say that Mr. Johnson’s moves were politically motivated.

According to Mr. Osborne, Mr. Johnson is trying to prepare grounds for a possible bid at the leadership of Tory. At the Andrew Marr show, Mr Osbourne did his best to make a mockery of Mr. Johnson’s suggested copying of Canada’s free trade style. The exchequer pointed out that the trade negotiations between Canada and the EU have been going on for more than seven years and they are still to reach an agreement. Meanwhile Mr. Johnson has been quick to point out that this is not the first time he will be critical of the EU. He had been talking about the ills of being in the EU since 20 years ago when he worked as a reporter.

EU Referendum – Exchequer Not Please

Meanwhile, a book serialized in the Sunday mail made claims that Mr. Cameron is not happy with the fact that Mayor Johnson has his eyes on his job. When Mr. Osbourne was asked about this while on the show, he simply responded that it is no news that Mr. Johnson would love to have a position in government. Meanwhile there are also reports that the prime Minister thinks his cabinet minister Mr. Gove who is one of those who are in support of a brexit leave has gone a “bit nuts”. A detailed report on Mr Osborne interview at the Andrew Marr show can be found on the following link

Obviously, there is trouble in the Tory camp and some people are turning the EU referendum in a political campaign. Indeed there will be losers and there will be winners but what is important for the British people is that they make a decision that they will be happy to leave with for decades or probably centuries to come.

It is now boiled down to the citizens making the final decisions and the fact that the Tory camp is already divided in the issue is enough proof to show that  there is definitely some merits in the leave campaign. Although the politicians may try to paint it whichever way suits them, the citizens are the ones feeling the pinch and fortunately they will be the ones to make the decision come voting day.

EU Referendum – BREXIT Path To Freedom

Even if Mr. Johnson has his political ambitions at the back of his mind when showing support for the leave campaign, there is no denying the fact that many other high profile officials also share Mr., Johnson’s view. Some may not be bold enough to come out in public to declare their views for fear of the backlash that they will receive. However, it is time for all UK citizens to put political ambitions aside and look at what truly benefit the country as a whole as they vote on EU referendum day.

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