What Leaving the EU means for the UK

What Leaving the EU means for the UK

What Leaving the EU means for the UK. Following achieving a lifelong dream for many British patriots, leaving the European Union what happens next must be explored. It’s essential and of great importance to investigate what happens next.  First of all, let’s be absolutely crystal clear, the EU referendum is not legally binding. Therefore the government could choose just to ignore this result. However, ignoring the result is extremely unlikely and not only political suicide for the establishment. It’s also thought to be a potentially huge risk factor for civil unrest. Another way to undoubtedly articulate the message, British people have clearly spoken.  Britain is a parliamentary democracy, the establishment could choose to ignore the will of the people, however, the consequences of such actions cannot be certain.

Prime Minister – What Leaving the EU means for The UK

Respectfully and humbly the Prime Minister David Cameron surprising resigned. Prime Minister Cameron will steady the ship over the next few months, with a new leader in place by October. David Cameron has taken much criticism throughout both renegotiation, and the referendum stages of the campaign. Most noticeably when he authorised a propaganda leaflet costing in excess of 9 million pounds, This during a time the steel industry was buckling. However it takes a man to admit he was wrong, he has stood down and while it may not absolve him completely, one can argue he does have some morality.

There is a counter view that is being voiced, David Cameron does not want to be involved in the mess he has created. Thus rendering his resignation actually an act of self-preservation. Whatever view you hold the UK has breathed a sigh of relief, for the opportunity if new leadership.

Legitimacy of Government – What Leaving the EU Means for the UK

The legitimacy of Government is essential to British structural integrity. The gravitational shift following the UK leaving the European Union needs to be addressed. Therefore to ensure the reliability and honesty of government a General Election may well be on the Cards. Opportunity knocks for the currently divided people of the UK to cement their direction and throw their full weight behind a new government. What will post 2016 General Election look like? Only the electorate can decide, however following the huge voter turnout which has not been seen since 1992, the UK has never been so motivated and politically active.

Bright Future for the UK – What Leaving the EU means for the UK

Following a short term market correction post-Brexit the stock market and pound sterling have bounced back. Furthermore, the strength of the British economy is in its flexibility and domination of global finance. Thanks to the UK now securing the future of sterling, traders are said to have an increased confidence in its longevity. Furthermore with the sword of the sword of damocles  (the Euro) has been removed. Therefore likely to usher in a new era of stability and sustainable growth.

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