Top Ten Australian Islands for 2023 Adventure Travel

10 Islands You Shouldn’t Miss While Travelling Around Australia

With more than 8000 islands, Australia becomes the country of magnificent islands. From Whitsundays to Bondi beach, to the spectacular islands of Fitzroy, Australia is full of wonders and unique beauty. If you are in search of paradise, then stop searching because Australia is the right spot for you.

The largest sand island in the world, Queensland’s Fraser Island is yet another example of remarkable beauty. Similarly, there are plenty of other islands like Satellite island, Biggie Island and the famous Kimberley Coast.

 Let’s talk about the top 10 islands you shouldn’t miss while travelling around Australia. 

1. Lord Howe Island

Lord Howe Island Top Ten Australian Islands for 2020 Adventure Travel

Lord Howe Island is situated in the Tasman Sea. This island is originated from the ashes of volcano stands which are as old as seven million years. This island consists of lush green, beautiful forests. Moreover, there are white sandy beaches all around with glimmering ocean surrounding it. That is why it is also known as the paradise of Australia.

This island is full of plenty of Australian native birds. The ocean is a perfect example of diverse marine life. Moreover, there are crystal waters which are full of corals. Thus, you can visit this island for fishing, hiking, diving, and snorkelling.

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2. Whitsundays Islands

 Whitsundays Islands Top Ten Australian Islands for 2020 Adventure Travel

This island is one of the most popular islands in Australia. The unique aspect about this island is that it consists of 74 islands which are situated in the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park, Australia. Whitsundays Island is the largest island and it is famous for its white sand.

Moreover, the sand on its beach is so clean and pure that you can brush your teeth with this sand. The beauty of the Whitsunday Islands is spectacular. The blue sky, white sand and green forests is a true example of scenic beauty and remarkable view. Most of the islands on Whitsunday are uninhabited and are perfect for camping and spending an adventurous weekend.

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3. Great Keppel Island

The Great Keppel Island is the 18th largest island among the group of Keppel Islands in Australia. You can avail and enjoy various fun activities on this island like diving and snorkelling, jet ski tours and many other options. This island has something for everyone. You cannot return from this island without enjoying and making a memory.

Moreover, the great Keppel Island consists of 15,000 humpback whales. Furthermore, it has more than 100 species of birds. Thus, this island is a perfect place to enjoy tropical beauty with a diverse range of flor and fauna around it.

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4. Fitzroy Island

Fitzroy island is situated near Cairns. It is a mountainous tropical island famous for the rainforests and Great Barrier Reef. There is a series of adventures you can carry out on this island. That is why it is known as the perfect place to spend long holidays. You can enjoy hiking, boating, fishing, kayaking, snorkelling, and many other activities on this island.

Moreover, this island is also a great choice for hiking and camping. There are plenty of accommodation options within a smart budget. Thus, no matter where you are and what is your budget, this island has something for you.

5.Magn etic Island

Magnetic Island is situated in Queensland. It is one of the most popular islands due to its backpacking and camping opportunities. This island is home to koalas, reefs, hiking trails and beach festivals. Moreover, you can also avail Ferry rides and greyhound bus to pick and drop you on the festivals.

This island is good for meeting local people and enjoying the culture and traditions of Australia. If you are a party person who also loves to stay close to nature, then this island offers both of them for you!

6. Daydream island

Another heavenly beauty of Queensland, the Daydream island offers a great experience due to its luxurious resorts and beautiful islands.

This island is situated near Airlie Beach and it is famous for its jumping point. It has a resort which consists of over 250 rooms. Due to cyclones, which is way common on these islands, many of the resorts are mostly under renovation. However, it doesn’t affect your stay and vacation.

There is also an outdoor aquarium which is over 200 meters and contains more than 100 species of marine animals. You will all sorts of spectacular fish, crabs, rays, and corals in this aquarium.

7. Kangaroo Island

Kangaroo Island Top Ten Australian Islands for 2020 Adventure Travel

Kangaroo Island is Australia’s one of a kind destination. You cannot find such a splendid destination anywhere else in the world. It is famous for its wildlife which isn’t only limited to Koalas but also kangaroos. Due to the immense number of kangaroos you can find here, this island is known as Kangaroo Island.

Moreover, you will also find colonies of seal, Wombats and various other forms of wildlife on this island. There are also many caves on this island. Thus, it is a wonderful place for exploring and discovering the wonders of nature.

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8. Phillip Island

Phillip Island is situated in the south of Melbourne. It is famous for the Penguin parade which takes place on this island. The best time of the year to visit this island is the summer season. Moreover, this island is also a great place to enjoy surfing.

Phillip Island also includes a wildlife park where you can find animals roaming freely around you. The night viewing of penguins is another great view. Moreover, there are also specialized tracks for car racing on this island.

9. Bedarra Island

Also known as Richards Island, the Bedarra island is another great holiday spot in Australia. It is a tropical island which consists of various private islands. These islands are a perfect place for carrying out various adventurous and fun activities.

It is one of the most peaceful destinations where you can spend a quiet and soothing weekend. You can enjoy the view of dense tropical rainforests, bays, caves and many granite rocks on this island. Moreover, it is also popular for the trails of white sand which can be found all around it.

Thus, this island is known as one of the most luxurious and romantic spots in Australia.

10. Cocos Islands

Cocos Islands Top Ten Australian Islands for 2020 Adventure Travel

Cocos Island lies within the vast Indian Ocean. It has around 27 small islands, all of which are full of the diverse range of flora and fauna.

The island is full of lush green rainforests and sparkling water bodies. The scenic landscapes, colourful corals, stunning vistas and diverse marine life makes this island a great place to spend holidays.

There are also numerous camping opportunities you can get from this island. It is also a great place for hiking. You will find many walking trails on this island as well which makes exploring on foot easy and fun.

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