Unique Australian Foods to Try Before You Die

10 foods You Should Try When You Visit Australia

If you are planning to visit Australia, then make a bucket list because there is so much to explore that you might miss many of them. One of the best ways to get the best out of your trip to find some locals. Hanging around with them will let you explore the best places and the best food as well.

Australia has got some great cuisines from meat dishes to bakery items. You will find their markets full of tasty foods, chocolate biscuits and many more. However, we have sorted out the best ten foods you should try when you visit Australia. So, let us move forward and find out the amazing cuisines of this amazing place.

1. Vegemite

The first top-rated and most famous dish on our list is “Vegemite”. It is the favourite food of most of the population. However, you might find many people especially tourists hating it and calling it disgusting. In any case, we recommend that you try it once.

Let’s see what this food is? Vegemite is composed of a mixture of different vegetables, spices, and yeast. This mixture is crushed and formed into a paste. You can eat this paste with bread. Moreover, you can also use butter along with it. Aussies love this food. They eat it with various combinations like cheese, tomato, and avocado.

However, the dish smells and looks disgusting. Its taste might also seem disgusting to you at first. But it is an acquired taste we assume. Just to give you an idea, Vegemite is salty, mushy and sticky. Whatsoever, it is the most favourite dish of all the Aussies out there.

2. Tim Tams

Unique as its name, Tim Tam is the thing which you can with any backpacker in Australia. Aussies are lovers of chocolate biscuits and Tim Tam is one of them. It is so tasty and if you eat one of it, you won’t be able to stop yourself on one. It’s more than an addiction.

However, make sure that one car of Tim Tam contains 190 calories and might not be suitable if you are on a diet.

Tim Tams makes a good combination with coffee, hot chocolate and even a cup of tea. You can take it in breakfast, as the last night snack or even treat yourself with it while hiking. It’s whole chocolate goodness and you should never miss it if you are visiting Australia.

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3. Special Meat Pie

Unique Australian Foods to Try Before You Die

You must have tried various versions of pie in your life but have you ever tried meat pie? If you haven’t then probably haven’t visited Australia yet as meat pie is a specialty of Australia. However, the meat pie isn’t like a regular pie. These are savoury pies which are full of meat and sauces. It is an awesome late-night snack.

Meat pies are full of minced meat, mushrooms, gravy, cheese, and onions. What an amazing combination it is. Can you imagine the heavenly taste of this stuffy pie? It is simply astonishing!

4. Fish and Chips

Fish and chips Unique Australian Foods to Try Before You Die

What’s so special about fish and chips? I can find it anywhere in the world. Are you thinking the same? That’s the thought of millions of those people who visit Australia each year. However, let us correct you here.

The fish and chips combo of Aussies is a deadly combo! They are the makers of magnificent fish and chips. Moreover, as the whole country is surrounded by ocean bodies, they own the delicious and vast varieties of fish. You will never get an old piece of fish here. It’s always fresh and it is always delicious.

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5. Pavlova

 Pavlova Unique Australian Foods to Try Before You Die

If you want to try a remarkable mix of whipped cream, fresh berries, fruits, and a juicy cake base, then here it is in the form of Pavlova!

The inventors of this amazing blend of cream and berries are the great Aussies. However, some other nations also claim to be its inventor. But we don’t care from where did it come from. All that we know is, it is heavenly delicious and one of the best bakery products in the world.

So, if you ever visit Australia, go straight to a coffee shop, a bakery or any cake shop to grab this unique amalgam of nature’s bounties. It is perfect for breakfast or as a dessert after your meals. If you are away from bakeries or cake shops, even then you can find Pavlova. It is present in many supermarkets in frozen form.

6. Chicken parmigiana

Chicken parmigiana is a traditional chicken dish. It is also one of the Aussies favourite one. Moreover, it is also the desired dish for many tourists. Chicken parmigiana consists of eggplant, chicken, tomato sauce, melted cheese and sometimes prosciutto ham as well. You can also change the choice of vegetable if you are not a fan of eggplant.

The dish comes with chips and salad. It is a lightweight dish and is best to take as an evening snack.

7. Lamingtons

Lamington is also a bakery item and it is known as the national cake of Australia. However, it isn’t like traditional cakes at all. It’s unique and consists of mouth-watering layers of many ingredients.

The dish is an Australian icon. It would be a great loss if you visit the country then don’t try it out. The dish was named after the famous governor of Queensland known as Lord Lamington.

This sweet treat consists of a square-shaped juicy sponge. It is first dipped in chocolate and then coated with grated coconut. It has a layer of cream or in some cases, jam. It is perfect to enjoy with a cup of tea and coffee. Moreover, it is easily available in all the bakeries in Australia.

8. Barramundi

 Barramundi Unique Australian Foods to Try Before You Die

Forget everything else we just mentioned above. Here comes the Barramundi which is the heart and brain of every dish out there in Australia. Barramundi means “large-scale river fish”. It comes as a grilled dish which is later transformed into a healthy cuisine by battering it. Thus, it comes out as great Aussie cuisine.

Barramundi is, by all means, the best and the yummiest versions of fish in entire Australia.

9. Pumpkin Soup

Yum! The name says all! Aussies not only love seafood and desserts but they are also fond of soups and gravies. There is a diverse range of vegetarian cuisines in Australia as well.

Pumpkin soup is another favourite dish which comes out in the months of winters. You will easily find it if you move south. There is nothing better than sitting by the fireplace with the bowl of pumpkin soup in hand. This soup is especially great for all the veggie lovers out there.

Thus, it is highly true that Australia has got everything for everyone. From vegetables and meat to fish and desserts, Aussies win the race.

10. Grilled Kangaroo

How can we forget kangaroo when we talk about Australia and its food? Kangaroo is one of the healthiest and yummiest meats. Moreover, it is also the national animal of Australia so they have a diverse variety of kangaroos in restaurants. If you want to try the best version of kangaroo meat and try it in the form of steak.

The meat is good when it is fresh and juicy and comes with sauces. So, make sure you choose the right combo when trying it out. It is one of the best sources of protein, omega-3, and iron.

Bonus Cuisine

In the end, let us wrap this discussion by mentioning “Cherry Ripe” Musk sticks”. It is another sweet treat made by Cadbury. However, it is only available in Australia and no other parts of the world. It contains cherries and coconut dipped in dark chocolate. Musk Sticks semi-soft stick of fondant and 100% a love-hate thing, for me if you push past the initial displeasure you can go on to finish the entire bag, they are not nice but delicious at the same time.

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