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Travelling to the Whitsundays COVID-19

The one word which will truly describe the beauty of Whitsunday Islands, would be something akin to paradise! It is out of the world. Nestled in the arms of the Great Barrier Reef, a group of 74 tropical islands perched in the endless Coral Sea, Whitsunday islands are truly bestowed with nature’s angelic beauty. While some islands are buzzing with tourist activity, several islands lay devoid of significant tourism with endless peace and serenity. Just one thing to be noted before starting a trip to the islands, Do remember to breath; there is high chance you might forget!!!!!!

Location of Whitsunday Islands

To travel to the Whitsunday region, take a flight to either the Proserpine airport (PPP) or the Hamilton Island Airport (HTI) and then take a ferry across to the mainland.

These offshore islands are located 900 km north of Brisbane, off the central coast of Queensland, Australia. The islands command your attention for some of its beaches with pure white silica sand stretching along Turquoise Ocean.

History of Whitsunday Islands

The unique name of the Islands is credited to the famous Captain Cook! He sailed to the islands on 1770, mesmerized by its beauty he named it after “whit Sunday” which according to the Christian calendar is seventh Sunday after Ester festival as he thought that was day then. Though, later it was confirmed that it was not a “whit Sunday” but still the name got stuck and continue to be so.

The Ngaro, the earliest Aboriginals were considered to be the earliest inhabitants of the island. The native population diminished considerably due to European invasion, but one can still visit the cave paintings by the Aboriginals, proudly vocalizing their legacy.

Things to do in Whitsunday Islands


When you will initially get over the hypnotic beauty of the place, you can enjoy tons of things, simply because the economy of the island thrives on tourism and Australian seems to be expert at that. Most of the tourist activities are generally centered on Airlie Beach. You can indulge in some greatest water sports adventure from diving to Kayaking to ocean rafting into the Coral Sea. As, the islands are sheltered by the Great Barrier Reef, the waves are really tamed making an ideal waterfront for sailing. There are cruises and boats for a closer look around the sea. You can even enjoy private snorkeling.

If you prefer the Arial view, there are flight services to enable the breath- stopping over the top vision of the enthralling Heart Reef.

Whiteheaven Beach is pure white sand beach with a magnificent view in contrast to the aqua blue ocean, is considered as the finest beach of WhitSundays, a must visit for sure!!

Some of the lesser developed islands such as Hook and South Molle Islands have some of the distinguished wild lives. Hook Island is also popular for the Aboriginals era cave paintings.

If you are in the mood of some pampering, the islands have a lot to offer. In fact, the Hamilton Island has several luxury resorts with opulent amenities and relaxing spas to spoil you rotten!!!

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The Hamilton race week organized in the month of August, draws a great crowd for the famous yachts sailing race. The whole island during the week remains in the festive like mode with live music!!

Interesting Fact

The islands are so secluded that out of 74 islands, only 7 islands have tourist resorts!!!

Whitsundays are the fantastic islands escapade to enjoy peace, seclusion and the natural beauty at its beast, flavored with luxurious accommodations.

The Islands leave you mesmerized and with the stories you would love to tell. Got any picture of this paradise to share to show case its exemplary beauty? Please share your experiences and pictures of this romantic island, Here

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