Top 10 Things To Do in Byron Bay, Australia 2023

Ten Great Days Out in Byron Bay 2023

Byron Bay is a famed coastal city in New South Wales, Australia. This quaint town is famous for its scuba diving sites and wonderful beaches catering to surfers from across the globe. Thus as a tourist to this city, your first reaction would be to frequent the lovely beaches to bathe in the sun, rolling around the sand. Or at best you will plan to surf the smooth waves and make a point to your friends and family. But the fact of the matter is that Byron Bays presents more than just sunbathing and surfing. Here you can catch up with history, enjoy special events and do many things unimaginable. Hence you must go through this entire list of things to do in Byron Bay Australia. Here you will find a description of the 10 best places to visit in Byron Bay, Australia 2020. Your journey to Bayron Bay starts here and now!

1. Byron Bay Lighthouse

Byron Bay Lighthouse

Here’s a rudimentary plan for a visitor upon reaching Byron Bay. You can start the day by watching the sunrise. But to witness the full glory of sunrise, you need to go to the best vantage point in town. So take the walking trail, one hour before the sunrise time, from the main beach of Byron Bay to Byron Bay Lighthouse. It should take you about 45 mins. His lighthouse is situated at the most easterly spot in Byron Bay and hence has an amazing view of the sea all around. When the sun rises, you can see this magnificent spectacle of nature and get filled with immense energy for the day. After having witnessed this majestic scene, walk back to the main beach but with a slight detour. This should take you to Fisherman’s Lookout. From here witness another spectacle of surfers negotiating the massive waves with elegance and poise.

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2. Explore Byron Bay Beaches

If you have welcomed the day after seeking blessings from sun’s glow at the Lighthouse, after that you must go exploring the many smaller beaches of Byron Bay. You will be surprised at many unknown and unsung beaches that you will find interesting. The Main Beach at Byron Bay may be an internationally acclaimed beach, but these smaller ones are not far behind in many aspects. Visitors may not know of them, but locals will give you names of all those smaller beaches that they frequent. Since these beaches are just short distance offset from the main track you will be travelling back from the lighthouse, your visit to these beaches will be quite effortless. While there at the beaches, you must plan to take surfing lessons and try and stand on a surfboard, if you are a beginner. In case you are already a surfer, just grab your gear on rent and take the plunge. There is plenty to explore the beaches and the sea around.

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3. Surf Kayaking

Try all those adventure activities at the seashore that a coastal town like Byron Bay has in store for you. Make full use of the numerous exciting ventures that this city has to offer to people who have a love for the sea. Shed your fears and inhibitions and begin to enjoy the waves. Just take a surf kayaking trip at Byron Bay and paddle up to dolphins. In the process, who knows you may have a chance encounter with a humpback whale next to your kayak. The protection provided to these marvellous creatures in Australia’s coastline for the last 40 years has resulted in these majestic sea mammals to show up at these places with their young ones and enjoy the shallows. The idea of Surf Kayaking may be initially daunting, but once you pass the first wave you will simply love to go on and on sailing smoothly across the waters, wave after wave.

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4. Scuba Dive at Julian Rocks

Now we are reaching an interesting stage of our flirtations with sea adventure, we are going to go for a scuba dive. If you are a beginner, you can be offered an Intro Dive at the premiere diving destination in Australia – Julian Rocks. You must not miss being at Julian Rocks which is a protected reserve. Here you will find the gentle Grey Nurse Shark and many sea turtles. In all over 500 varieties of fishes are there for you to see and behold. This fascinating protected reserve will help you to go on a Snorkel Tour and explore the vast world of sea creatures that frequent this place. It is simply an out-of-the-world experience in these waters when you go up close to these fishes in a Snorkel Tour. In case you are a certified diver, then this sea world beckons you to great depths to admire and capture in camera.

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5. Cumbebin Swamp Nature Reserve

Byron Bay was a huge swamp before being urbanized into a marvellous modern city that we know today. However to preserve its historical ties a small spot of wetlands has been left untouched, with proper controls in place. This wetland is called the Cumbebin Swamp Nature Reserve. When you visit this place you will be taken to an elevated walkway above the existing swamp. Here you will be able to see the wonders of nature at its full glory and experience plenty of mosquitoes. You will however be well advised to take mosquito repellants along since the swampy conditions present plenty of mosquitoes. But at the same time nature has provided for their natural predators in the form of eastern micro-bats, 5cm long. The riot of flora and fauna at the wetlands is rather thrilling to see. You can feast your eyes on some rare species of wildlife in Cumbebin Swamp Nature Reserve, the ultimate place for nature lovers and bird watchers to be at Byron Bay.

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7. Arakwal National Park

Arakwal National Park is a unique national park in Bayron Bay region. It is quite easy to reach if you have transport. So just hire a car and reach this national park without any question, you will be thrilled with your decision. This national park helps you to see wildlife and flora up close in a very spectacular setting. There are dunes, beaches, hills and forests all intricately interwoven in a neat manner. The highpoint is the Tallows Beach, which is quite popular with the locals of Byron Bay. And who better to learn about special places than the locals? However, the marvel and uniqueness of Arakwal National Park do not end here. Here apart from meeting up with wildlife, you can also meet native communities. This national park is co-managed by Arakwal Aboriginal Community and the State of New South Wales. Hence this national park is beautifully maintained as community’s pride.

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8. Killen Falls

When you come on a visit to Byron Bay you will realize that there are many activities that have been specially designed for attracting tourists, so much so that you will be spoilt for choice. That is wonderful news, but there are many offbeat things that will give you immense joy also. Locals will be able to advise you on this aspect. Here one such advice is to visit Killen Falls. It is located in a rather secluded corner of Byron Bay, unknown to many regular tourists. But this small little place is almost heaven on earth if you are looking for some romantic nook with exquisite settings in nature. Killen Falls is like a small swimming pool that nature has provided for you. You will be spellbound with the landscape and location with a 10m waterfall at the backdrop. The place has so much romance in the air that it will be hard for you to miss it.

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8. Whale Watching

If you are a nature lover, you might have done bird watching. But Bayron Bay will help you to do something unique – whale watching! Whale watching will give you a whale of a time. These majestic sea mammals are not only mammoth but also very gentle and intelligent. The marvel of watching whales from many vantage points in Bayron Bay will stay in your memories for life. With modern technology, you are allowed not only to watch these marine creatures but also hear them sing through hydrophones fitted in many sea vessels meant for whale watching. And itis certain that during migration times you will be able to see the famed Humpback Whales surfacing from the deep seas. And when they do so, they are invariably accompanied by fun-loving dolphins and thrilling sea turtles. You will be able to see the varied marine life once you decide to start whale watching. It will fill you with joy and educate you at the same time.

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9. Tea Tree Lakes

As a visitor to Bayron Bay, you cannot miss the many Tea Tree Lakes that do the surroundings. These places beckon you to rejuvenate and rejoice in nature. These lakes are water bodies which are rather peculiar in their appearance and nature. When you view the surface they appear to be black. But once you enter inside they change their colour, almost in a magical manner. However, what is important is their healing properties which they obtain from the Tea Trees surrounding them. You must visit these lakes to get rejuvenated and thank mother nature for doing so. For the discerning eyes, you will find a mystical aura around these lakes. It provides an ambience of serenity, calmness and oneness with nature with birds chirping around you. Visit these lakes and find out for yourself how the ambience and location transform your energy levels with a magical and healing touch.

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10. Crystal Castle

At the end your our adventurous journey in Bayron Bay, you are well-advised to seek out a place where you can reflect, meditate and detox your soul. Crystal Castle is just that place for you after a hectic vacationing schedule. So just rent a car and reach this ultimate spiritual place in a matter of 20 minutes from the heart of Byron Bay city. In this hinterland hideout, you can meditate amongst beautiful gardens set with massive crystals. You will get free guides to go around the place. It is a marvellous place to be with your family at the end of your vacations to unwind from the hustle-bustle of a trip. Most alluring is the cafe there in which you will be tempted to commit sins in gorging some delicious food on offer. The whole atmosphere is serene and fascinating, with exquisite views across the countryside. It is here that peace awaits you.

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Byron Bay, a coastline town, has many beautiful beaches and offers various activities connected with the sea. But there are many other activities that a visitor to this town can indulge in. You may see may rainforests with all that they have to showcase in terms of flora and fauna in splendid abandon, you can visit the cascading waterfalls and many gargling brooks across rolling hills. Here is the list of places to visit in Byron Bay, Australia that has been carefully pieced together for any visitor. Now it is for you to decide on the best places to visit in Byron Bay.







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