Top 10 Things To Do In Griffith NSW in 2023

Ten Best Places to Visit in Griffith, Australia 2023

The city of Griffith has been designed by famous architect Walter Burley Griffin in early last century as part of Irrigation Scheme for Murrumbidgee. It is almost midway between Sydney and Melbourne with about six-hour journey from these megacities. When you come to Griffith, you are coming home to fine dining and wining that is popular in the Riverina region of New South Wales. You will encounter heritage buildings and Italian influence in restaurants and cafes. You can partake in various festivals celebrating the culture of rich food and exquisite wine of the region. You are also welcome to experience the famed Italian hospitality while tasting wine in the numerous cedar doors that abound this region. Here you will find a description of the 10 best places to visit in Griffith, Australia 2023. This your chance to plan your trip well with this list of best places to visit in Griffith.

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1. Griffith Pioneer Park Museum

Griffith Pioneer Park Museum visit is a nostalgic journey to our past. It is a museum that gives an idea of what our forefathers were up to in terms of innovation and way of life. The Museum is a time machine which transports you to the past glories of our ancestors. It is laid out in the serene and picturesque surroundings of the bushland of Griffith, approximately 2 km from the city centre. This museum is created to fondly preserve the values, expertise and sterling history that every resident of Griffith should be proud of.
In this Museum you will encounter original buildings of the past, the antique machinery, artefacts and even automobiles. You will be pleasantly surprised to find churches among the collections in this museum. There is a separate Wine building which tells us about the glorious history of winemaking in this region. You will find an indelible mark of many things Italian in this museum which speaks volumes of the early Italian settlers here in this city of Griffith. From beautiful kitchenware to handmade clothes, there is an all-pervading sense of Italian in the air. Come and experience the nostalgia.

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2. Calabria Family Wines Riverina

Calabria Family Wines Riverina is the producers of international quality wines of the region. Of Italian lineage, Calabria family started making wines for the new Italian and European settlers, way back in 1945. With strong promise to themselves to never compromise on quality of wine, this family business took off in real earnest in the 1990s with export orders tumbling in.
While in Griffith it will be a crime not to visit this world-famous winery of the Riverina region. It has been adjudged a star winery by Gourmet Traveller Wine magazine for the last six consecutive years. Calabria Family Wines Cellar Door warmly welcomes all visitors with that signature Italian hospitality for wine tasting and special events. It is fun and frolics Italian style while sipping various wine styles on offer. Who will in his right mind will this sumptuous offer while in the city of Griffith? I simply wonder!!

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3. Hermit’s Cave

Hermit’s Cave in Griffith is a series of complex structures of stone on Scenic Hill at the outskirts. The name is a misnomer since there are no caves but marvellous shelters of stone and earth constructed on Scenic Hill. From 1929 to 1952 an Italian hermit named Valerio Ricetti made this kilometre-long complex of shelters, bridges, gardens and water-cisterns along the escarpment of Scenic Hill outside Griffith. The marvel of the entire complex of structures is that this hermit made all this single-handed by moving heavy stones and earth over great distances. He made his living quarters which is now a heritage site.
The sheer magnificence of this historical archaeological complex of a hermit’s domain will not be evident unless one beholds it with his own eyes. Riocetti could engineer a rock overhang into his living quarters in this splendid fashion over a stretch of one kilometre is simply breathtaking. It is a place where every traveller should come to pay homage to the grit, ingenuity and perseverance of a man in shaping the wilderness so aesthetically into living space of taste.

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4. Lake Wyangan

Lake Wyangan is located just outside of Griffith town to the NorthWest. It is a recreational lake and provides all imaginable avenues for outdoor recreation. It is a component of Griffith Wetlands and is a sanctuary for many species of birds. The lake is an important destination for all those who want to boat, fish, and sail. You will find people jogging, walking and running along this wetland. It is extremely popular among the local population.
The lake has developed from a natural swamp in this location and this is a good breeding ground for many a species of the animal kingdom. It has an orchard and is a much-liked spot for picnickers. Animals in the area are fenced off into enclosures. The site offers Children’s play area with swings and definite attraction for those who want to get away from the bustling city life.

5. Cocoparra National Park

Cocoparra National Park is a protected area in the Riverine region of Griffith. It is laid out by nature in a dramatic manner. It is an excellent place for bird watching with a variety of birds inhabiting the Park, including some near-extinct and rare species like Diamond Fairtail and painted honeyeater. This National Park encompasses some Range hills which are wonderful places to go hiking. This area is also popular for bushwalking with the backdrop of Cocoparra Range. Nature-lovers throng this scenic rugged place which has an ever-changing landscape. The landscape comes alive with crackling creeks and waterfall during rains, while in spring it changes to a scenic, expansive bed of wildflowers such as wattles, orchids, tea tree. The beauty of the Park is further enhanced in the nesting season of peregrine falcons and by the fabulous sight of amazingly colourful rainbow bee-eaters busy constructing their homes on the ground. You must capture all these majestic views while travelling on walking tracks winding up the ridge. You will also enjoy the numerous picnic spots here. But first, you must come and stay in a bush camp arranged specially for visitors like you.

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6. Jacks Creek Picnic Area

Jacks Creek Picnic Area can be reached within a short duration from Griffith city. It is a scenic and calming woodland area developed into a fabulous picnicking spot. If you have to spend time in extreme leisure in the lap of nature, you must pack your picnic bag and retire here for the day with your family and friends. There will be no regrets inside the Creek which exposes you to this gorgeous gorge with amazing rock formations. You will have endless opportunities to click your camera. In spring this creek is filled with blossoming wildflowers. The area gets carpeted with blue lilies, paper daisies and colourful orchids. Cook up your picnic under some tree with barbeques and absorb the fresh mountain air from ranges around the creek. Explore the area with your camera at hand and find your defining moments along Jack Creek walking track. Possibilities in this naturally rich challenging spot are endless. Come relax in the folds of nature!

7. Falcon Falls Walking Track

Are you enamoured by majestic looking Peregrine Falcons? It is while travelling on Falcon Falls walking tracks that you will encounter these wonderful falcons in full measure during their nesting season. This track is ideal for bushwalking since the tracks will take you along a most enchanting trail past waterfall. You can stop on your tracks and do some bird watching in these magnificent woodlands filled with numerous species of birds. Some of these species are rare and near endangered. Falcon Falls Walking Track is near Spring Hill picnic spot. Bring your camera and find the beauty unfold before your eyes with woodland birds, including the white-browed, yellow robin, speckled warbler and many more exotic and rare species of the aviary world. You will find yourself transported to a serene world of peaceful ambience and picturesque landscape, with jutting rocks and hanging precipice along the tracks. Best time of the year to experience these tracks is through autumn to spring.

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8. Griffith Boat Club

The Griffith Boat Club is located on the green shores of Lake Wyangan. The scenic surroundings of Lake Wyangan at the Boat Club are astounding to behold. It gives you a feeling of oneness with nature in the calm waters of the Lake. This club is a members club and is therefore superbly maintained. It brags of hosting numerous boat racing events throughout the year. It is particularly stunning to see the Club host formula powerboat and ski races on the lake. The scene looks right out of a thriller movie.
The Club has a clubhouse of its own. Its lawns are well manicured and lush green which makes it rather pleasant experience to walk through them. There are camping facilities available complete with all facilities for showers and toilets. You can spend as much time as is available with you at this Club and you will not regret a single moment. You can go fishing to your heart’s content or indulge in eating binge with barbeque facilities there.

9. Store Creek Picnic Area

Store Creek Picnic Area is a popular spot in Cocoparra National Park where families like to spend their quality time together. This picnic area brings a fusion of raw nature and scenic beauty. It is particularly beautiful from spring to autumn, but families flock to this area throughout the year. Bird watchers have a special place in their hearts for this area. Even you will be delighted seeing many birds frolicking around you, so do capture these moments in your camera. You will be able to enjoy your lunch in privacy spots in this area. Store Creek Picnic Area is awash with beds of beautiful wildflowers as if nature has taken special care to spray this area with wattles, orchids, colourful daisies and rare varieties of wildflowers. You can go and extend your presence out of this area and see the marvel of two creeks meeting at one point. It is a sight to behold!

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10. Centenary Sculptures at IOOF Park

You cap your tour of Griffith you must pay a visit to IOOF park at the centre of the city to see the marvel of Centenary Sculptures. It is centenary celebrations of the city that brought seven hand-picked international hard rock sculptors to the city to create wonders in IOOF park. They toiled for 17 days at a stretch to create these masterpieces for your delight. These unique sculptures have been created under the theme ‘The meaning of water in Griffith and the city’s cultural diversity.’ These sculptures celebrate the spirit of Griffith and its migrant population from different countries, who have come and settled here and graced the city The Park is located near the canal which is the lifeline of Griffith and sits next to a major arterial road of the city. Your visit to Griffith will be incomplete without seeing these international sculptures at IOOF Park.

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Griffith city is part of the Riverina region of the Murrumbidgee Irrigation Area in New South Wales. The location and surroundings of the city offer plenty of opportunities to visitors to take part in many outdoor activities and revel in fine dining and wining that is the popular culture in this region. So what are you waiting for!! Here is the list of places to visit in Griffith, Australia that has been meticulously pieced together for any visitor. Dissect the information and decide on the best places to visit in Griffith.











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