Is Australia Really As Wonderful as Aussies Say It Is?

Is Australia Really the Best Nation on the Planet?

It would appear bias to say Australia is indeed as wonderful as the locals claim it to be. However, without boasting about how awesome our country is and what a great travel destination it is, let us point out some obvious reasons why it is a huge slice of heaven on earth!

What Makes Australia Awesome?

People around the globe come to Australia to settle for its democratic government policies, multicultural society, moderate weather, tremendous career growth and prospects for skilled and talented individuals.
It is also an advanced nation and home to people of every ethnicity, tradition, race, culture, community and class. Communities and locals embrace and welcome people from every community and class with zero discrimination.

Why We Love Our Country and Why Others Migrate to Australia

It is impossible to answer this question in a few sentences. You have to understand the diverse aspects and features of our incredible country. Look at some key features to understand better.

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• Quality of Life: Australia has a very high living standard, outstanding education system, excellent health, medical and transportation facilities, developed infrastructures and overall high-quality life with great resources.

• Great for families: with the excellent education system, abundance of sports and recreation activities, High employment rate and world-class cities, Australia is one of the world’s top countries to raise a family.

• World Class Cities: fantastic cities include Sydney, Melbourne, Perth, Brisbane, Adelaide, Canberra, etc. On multiple international parameters, theses cities and others rank very high.

• Cultural Diversity: The driving force that drives individuals around the globe to Australia is the cultural diversity where people from all religion and race are welcomed with open arms with no discrimination or prejudice.

• Career Perspective: a primer reason why people migrate to Australia is a tremendous career perspective. Young, talented and skilled people flock from all over the world to get employment in Australia’s to organizations with excellent wages.

• Wildlife and Landscape: Australia has scenic beauty, tropical rainforest, lush outfields, amazing sanctuaries and wildlife.

• Sports and Beaches: sports and recreation are huge in Australia and you name it and we play it. Beaches should be repeated numerous times as we have the most stunning beaches in the world with activities like fishing, diving, surfing, swimming, beach sports and so much more.

Check out a few reasons more…

  1. It would take 27 years to see all the beaches when you visit a new beach every day!
  2. Australia’s largest property is larger than Belgium
  3. Year after year, Melbourne remains the most liveable city in the world
  4. Tasmania has the cleanest air in the world
  5. You can swim with Whale Sharks in Ningaloo Reef
  6. The world most beautiful beach on the planet is located on the Whitsunday Islands, Whitehaven Beach
  7. Australia has 60 wine regions
  8. It has more than 500 national parks
  9. It has the world’s largest living organism, the Great Barrier Reef
  10. Western Australia has the world’s largest rock, Mt Augustus as well as the second-largest, Uluru as well
  11. Australia has 19 UNESCO World Heritage sites
  12. It has 8, 222 islands
  13. It is home to the Koala and the Kangaroo
  14. It has an abundance of scuba diving and snorkelling spots
  15. As well as mountains rainforests, waterfalls, breathtaking views, beaches and more beaches….

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