Top 10 Things to do in Central Coast NSW in 2023

10 Best Things To Do in Central Coast, Australia 2023

Nestled in the coastal region, about an hour’s journey northwards from Sydney, Central Coast is a paradise for people seeking adventure and sea view, Central Coast offers a wide spectrum of activities from wildlife, adventure trips, surfing, wining, theatre and the works. There is no room for lack of opportunities for a visitor to Central Coast. There is plenty to do and see on the Central Coast which keeps any visitor on his toes, running short of holiday time. Here you will find details of 10 best places to visit in Central Coast, Australia 2023. This is your chance to plan your trip with this list of best places to visit in the Central Coast.

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1. Australian Reptile Park

As you approach the Australian Reptile Park from the highway from Sydney you are greeted by a 30m long concrete dinosaur at the very entrance, and you know you have arrived at the very best internationally acclaimed Park for reptiles. But i is just not reptiles alone hat you will come face to face in this Park. You will be able to meet up with Hugo, the giant tortoise of Galapago’s fame. Talking of fame, you will also encounter more world-famous personalities here. Remember Elvis, the grumpy saltwater crocodile? Yes, you will have the chance to greet Bone Crusher Elvis who shot into international fame when he ate a lawnmower.
Australian Reptile Park has many types of reptiles that you can encounter in the wild, some of whom are really dangerous. The deadliest snakes like death adder and spine chilling spiders like funnel-web spiders are all there as inmates. Apart from reptiles, you will get close to Kangaroos and Koalas roaming the park freely. The staff will help you fix a meeting with all these animals, an experience that you are not going to forget for a very long time. Other things you will not forget in a hurry are the shows with these deadly animals that the Park organizes for your eyes only.

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2. Six Strings Brewery

Six Strings Brewery is the first local homegrown brewery and it makes it a point to welcome you as a pioneer would. You will feel at the top of the world when you visit this place to quench your thirst after some hard workouts in the likes of adventure parks. You will be greeted like a king to freely their golden elixir brewed in the most modern conditions. From the 12 taps churning out liquid gold, you will be treated to some delicious beer, the kind you have never tasted before in the whole of the Southern hemisphere. The Cajun-style eatery that this Brewery host will satisfy your soul. And to cap it all, you will be able to enjoy live music to your heart’s content. There is every reason to believe that you will unwind at this brewery like never before. Just make it a point to join the party whenever you are in town.

3. Bouddi Coastal Walk

If you want to walk away to your soul’s satisfaction, then Bouddi Coastal Walk is your answer. You will be walking across some splendid terrain, crisscrossing rugged clifftops and beautiful rainforests. Bouddi Coastal Walk takes you through scheduled beaches and brings you up to some fabulous vantage points along the way. These vantage points on Humpback Highway offers you some exquisite views of the east coast of Australia from where you can witness thousands of migrating whales in the winter season. Bouddi Coastal Walk takes you from Killcare Beach and links you up with the Macmaster Beach. Isn’t that a wonderful proposition? After having toiled through the walk, breaking into many a sweat, you finally have a chance to plunge into the sea at a beach. What more can you ask for in an excursion? Bouddi Coastal Walk is the perfect way to spend the early part of the day before you plunge for a sumptuous lunch near Macmasters Beach.

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4. Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures

When you enter Glenworth Valley Outdoor Adventures premises, remember you are entering an award-winning locale that has thrilled visitors for the last 40 years. This venture is renowned for offering some memorable adventure activities that you would like to boast of. The Adventure Park is spread over 3000 acres of pristine wilderness, deep inside a beautiful valley in Central Coast- the Glenworth Valley. In this breathtaking environment of raw nature, you will be provided with unforgettable adventure experiences. What makes all the difference is the courteous and ever helpful staff at this joint. Whether you are a novice or an experienced person at a particular activity, this place has staff and gear to help you accordingly. Activities like horse riding through mountainous tracks, quad biking, etc are available for all ages and level of experience. This Park offers you excellent camping facilities in the lap of wild nature, and simply one hour away north of Sydney.

5. Treetop Adventure Park

Treetop Adventure Park is a very popular and iconic adventure park in Australia with five centres across the length and breadth of the country. It is here that you can literally learn the ropes of tree climbing. You have the option to learn many treetop adventurous activities without any bar of age and experience. Just come here with an adventurous mind and rest will be taken care of the staff here. They will be your friend, philosopher and guide in matters of adventure. In a matter of a few hours, you will be climbing trees, swinging from them and flying across them. Here is the chance for you to get really close to famed Australian bush life, meet up with native animals and do some amazing stunts. You can zip fly, cross elevated obstacles, make innovative bridges with ropes and dangle precariously in wild adventure sports. In the end, you will become mentally and physically stronger in survival in the wild, and all while you get extreme entertainment. This park is an excellent place for team building and bonding, so do come with your family and experience the magic of bonding in an exciting locale.

6. Amazement Farm & Fun Park

This is the ultimate destination for your children and yourself to get that high dose of fun shots while making friends with farm animals. The excitement of your family and friends, especially the children will not cease even after this trip. What you will get here is world-class facilities in a bucolic environment, spread over a large expanse of farmland. In this countryside setting you and your children can directly interact with farm animals, feed them and shower love on them, in a rustic farm environment that is truly exciting. Imagine you and your kids cuddling bunnies in a real farm milieu. Sheep and goats roam freely amongst visitors and you have the liberty of feeding them with your hands. What if you or your kids have the chance to groom ponies? Exciting thought! Well, you have the chance to do I here. So don’t miss this chance to do all the above and much more. Come enjoy the rustic beauty with lots of fun with farm animals in an authentic setting.

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7. Pelican Plaza

Pelican Plaza is where the ultimate human interaction with Pelicans take place. Every afternoon around 3 pm you can witness Pelicans in droves being fed. It is a wonderful sight of watching these majestic seabirds to gorge sea fishes by the dozens. This spectacle cannot be compared with any other Pelican experience. While you are here you can enjoy the serenity and magnificence of a seashore, spend quality time at the beach with your family and friends in the secure environment of the well-patrolled regime. The shades of natural vegetation and cover allow you to choose your picnic spot as per your liking and revel in picnics in nature’s lap. You may also select from many fishing spots available here and satisfy your soul in this passion for fishing. This plaza will get you to do what you never planned for because you will find visitors doing so many different activities that you will be drawn into doing some of them.

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8. Gosford Classic Car Museum

This love story with a vintage car begins in 1955. It is a bizarre story as all stories go. A local property dealer, with no knowledge or special interest in cars, except seeing them as means of transportation, falls head over heels in love with them. The story goes that Tony Denny happened to buy a Ford Zephyr in 1955. And hen he gets bitten by this bug called love. He became so stricken that by 2015 he opened a Museum to satisfy this obsessive love for vintage cars, and Gosford Classic Car Museum was born. Today this museum and its assets of vintage cars are worth upwards of USD 70 million. It houses more than 450 vintage cars including some quaint and rare Soviet-era vehicles. You will be amazed to find the entire Holden- vehicles range and more varieties of Ferraris under one roof than one can imagine.

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9. Norah Head Lighthouse

The historical importance of a lighthouse is never lost on locals who inhabit a coastal region surrounding any ocean. It is the single-most precise navigational tool available to sailors in the past. It is the piece of architecture and design that brings sailing vessels to your shores for business or pleasure. It is the most important traffic generation and regulation tool of our historic seafaring past. Norah Head Lighthouse is living example of that historic past. Those who love the sea and the activities associated with the sea, make it a point to come to this historic site to imbibe in a bit of history and soak up the historic atmosphere there. In this lighthouse, you can get guided tour to visit all nook and corner, take pictures and become an instant celebrity in the social media. You have the opportunity to spend a night at the Lighthouse-Keeper’s residential quarters within the premise of the lighthouse. So book it in advance, as you make your plans to visit Central Coast, Australia.

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10. Avoca Beach Picture Theatre

Have you ever thought of enjoying cinema at a beach? That very romantic experience will blow your mind. It will evoke those nostalgic recalls of historic Hollywood movies, which will transport you to a world of pleasure and romance. Well, it is here at Avoca Beach Picture Theatre that you can experience the ultimate fantasy of watching a movie at a beachside cinema. No wonder is such a popular venue with locals and visitors alike. This popularity has kept on growing decade after decade. Having started from the front lawns of the Hunter family, this beachside cinema venture has kept growing over seven decades and spanning four generations. This is evident from the fact that even today they have a line up for new releases, classics and historical epics in a schedule that is packed to the brim. Demand just doesn’t seem to end for this beachside cinema. You must experience the magic and romanticism associated with beachside cinema by visiting this iconic theatre.

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Central Coast, Australia is in close proximity to the megacity of Sydney. Apart from offering world-class facilities in seashore activities, it has many adventure parks and entertainment avenues for visitors, coupled with some fine dining and wining opportunities. Here is the list of places to visit in Central Coast, Australia that has been pieced together for your consumption. Utilize the information to the fullest and decide on the best places to visit in Central Coast.







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