Top 10 things To Do In Byron Bay

Want to make your next trip adventurous and memorable? Well then, book your tickets for a life time experience in Byron Bay in NSW. Sitting on the eastern most fringes of mainland Australia, the Byron Bay and its surrounding areas attract tourists due to the expansive, unspoiled beaches, quaint atmosphere, picturesque beauty and buffet of water, air and land based activities that make up an incredible travel experience for all and sundry.

Top 10 things to do in Byron Bay

From the initial hippy culture to the present day café culture, the Byron Bay area has been witness to incredible modernization while retaining its intrinsic characteristics as a laid back town offering a number of great activities to enjoy. All these together have put up the Byron Bay area on the map of Australian tourism and form a perfect escapade for Australians as well international tourists, looking forward to experience life in a different way.

That being said, if you are deciding on the must-do activities while in the Byron Bay area, then our comprehensive list of the Top 10 will be your perfect guide.

  1. Byron Bay Beaches

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The long, extensive coastline of the Byron Bay has paved the way for numerous beaches, waterfronts and shorelines that are an incredible tourist attraction. Although the town has seen development through the years and has quite moved away from its original hippy culture, yet the pristine nature of the beaches has been preserved, thanks to thoughtful planning of the city. With great surf breaks, fantastic hinterlands, expansive greenery, beautiful sands and umpteen number of pleasurable opportunities like BBQs, cricket, etc; the beaches of the Byron Bay sure do add to the attractions of the place.

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  1. Byron Bay Lighthouse

Byron Bay lighthouse
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You may think lighthouses are just so common; why then put this up in this list? Well, while the lighthouse has its own traditional and historic appeal, the more important aspect is the view that you get from the lighthouse and the path that winds up to it. Yes, the ethereal surroundings, together with the white, frothing ocean below, the array of green and steep slopes, the fantastic views from the top and the avian population that flock the area make up a great spectacle from the various lookouts that are jotted along the way to the lighthouse. Add that the essence of the old guard of the seas and the seamen, and it becomes a joy to behold.

Reaching there

Organized tours are conducted to the lighthouse and include breaks at the various look outs. You may opt to drive or hire a car. And if hiking is your forte, you will surely enjoy the 2 hour return trip to the lighthouse.

  1. Crystal Castle

The Crystal Castle is a unique experience in itself. If you are looking to relax your nerves, get some mental peace and calm your innerselves before you jump into the heart thumping activities in Byron Bay, then the Crystal Castle is the place to be. With a great natural setting and beautifully maintained gardens laid out in the Tibetan style, it’s a place that takes you far from the hectic daily lives or the adventurous trip ahead of you.

Getting there

A drive of about 20 minutes from the central area will take you to the Castle.

  1. Whale watching

Visiting Byron Bay during June to November? Nothing else assumes as much importance as whale watching off the cape of Byron. While dolphin watching is a common activity to different parts of Australia, only a very few places get better than the Byron Bay area to indulge in whale watching activities. Its eastern most location and expert tour operators make whale watching in the area an experience too good to be true. Smaller vessels take small groups out into the free water that is frequented by the humpbacks during the season and given their playful, inquisitive nature, you are guaranteed to get some candid pictures, the likes of which you would see on TV.

These waters are frequented by dolphins as well as numerous sea birds that are a sight too-good. You can join any of the licensed operators and enjoy the activities of these fun creatures, right in their own habitat!

  1. Water activities

The Byron Bay is a popular spot for all types of water activities like kayaking, surfing, snorkeling, scuba diving, angling and even crab catching. Yes, all in one place. While the sea kayaking is one of the most popular activities, for those who want a rare treat, join Sea Turtle Snorkeling tours or the Dolphin Kayak tours that take you close to these impressive animals. The bounties of the Julian Rock Marine Reserve are vast and you can get real close to the majestic sea turtles or the huge manta rays! The crabs catching cruises on the other hand are a foodie delight with loads on information and guidance as to how to catch mud crabs.

  1. Skydiving

If the pleasures of the water haven’t had you filled, then it’s time to notch up things a bit and do something really daring. Yes, sky diving. Meant only for the brave hearts and those that long for an adrenaline rush, the skydiving facilities in the Byron Bay area are incredible, thanks to the expansive open areas and beaches. Not only is the dive an amazing experience, but equally beautiful and stunning is the views of the town and the water that you get up there. Combine these with a falling speed averaging 150 Km per hour and you have an idea what you are going to experience.

  1. Hot Air Balloon rides

The list of must-dos in the Bay area doesn’t end with water activities and for those that love the height yet would shy away from the free fall dive; the hot air balloon ride would be a great option. A simple yet rewarding way to spend your pre-morning hours while enjoying the incredible views that unfurl below and the tranquil environ that surrounds you. And with your dear one by your side – it sure does give a romantic turn to things. Not only that, you can breathe in the fresh air, marvel at the changing natural panorama and get some of the best shots of your life. So, whether you skydive or not, do try out the balloon experience.

  1. Hang Gliding and Gyrocopter Tours

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Want to feel free as a bird while enjoying the same activities as one? Well, soaring and gyrocopters are what you need to fulfill your wishes and the tour operators in the Byron Bay area see to it that your desires are fulfilled – completely! With fantastic views below and the freedom to float about in the air as long as you want to – these are the best options for those who do not to be too daring yet would miss the best of the Byron Bay area!

  1. Night Vision Walk

You may have been to the natural habitats of wild animals, but do you know how they behave at night? Sure, you don’t as you see them all during the day. But not at Byron Bay. The Night Vision Walks conducted in the region are one of its kinds and takes you into the preserved hinterlands of the area that thrives with nocturnal animals like possums, bandicoots, glows worms and many other species that behave completely differently at night. Want to take home a memorable story? Try the walks for sure.

  1. Nightlife

The Bay area had been the nurture house of the hippy culture of the region and even though its blatant existence may be waning in tough competition with modernization, yet the town boasts of an unparalleled nightlife. With numerous cafes, delis, pubs, Byron Bay brewery and open lawn gatherings, you just need to find the perfect place according to your tastes and you are ready for a great night out. Whether you just want to jabber with your friends or hit the floor hard – the Byron Bay area will be the ideal spot. Just grab a drink and let your hair down.

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