Top 10 Religious Sites to Visit in Australia

Religious Places to Visit in Australia

The religious places in Australia are living example of buildings having historical as well as architectural background. Some of these religious places have become symbols of the place with passing time. If you are interested in visiting these spiritual places during your trip to Australia, then here is the list of top Churches, Synagogues, Temples, and Mosques which are most amazing spiritual tourist destinations in Australia.

1. Saint Paul’s Cathedral

The Saint Paul’s Cathedral is found in Melbourne, Australia. This place has recently celebrated its 125th Anniversary of blessings. This cathedral is famous because it is the seat of Archbishop of Anglican Church of the Melbourne. It is designed with the Gothic transitional style architecture, which makes it a beautiful place to visit. It is located right in the heart of the city with Federation Square, the busiest square, at one side and the Flinders Street Station at the other. You can easily reach the Saint Paul’s Cathedral through public transport. This church has its history as it was designed by an architect William Butterfield and was built from the sandstone. The church is considered to be the greatest achievement of this architect. The interior of the church is decorated with tiles. You can take pictures of the church when you are outside, but it is forbidden to take pictures from inside the church. However, you can still get a permit to take pictures inside the church for AUD 5 or so.

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2. All Saints Church

The oldest church of Western Australia, All Saints Church is located in Henley Brook. The church was built in 1838 by Richard Edwards. The church got opened for public with its first service in 1941. While this church is a remarkable place to experience spirituality, you can also enjoy spectacular views from here, since it is located on a small hill and you can see Swan River. The church is very close to the concurrence of Swan and Ellen Brook. The church is at the same location wherein 1827, Captain James Stirling camped in order to explore the area.

3. St Mary’s Cathedral

The Saint Mary’s Cathedral, founded in 1821, is situated in Sydney. The royal design and the elaborative décor gives a beautiful sight to visitors. The interior of the cathedral is made up of stained glass windows, which was famous as one of the most exquisite window design in the early 19th century. When you visit this cathedral, make sure to look at the rose window which is just above the famous pipe organ.

4. Hobart Synagogue

Located in 59 Argyle Street of Hobart, Tasmania, the Hobart Synagogue is a listed synagogue in world heritage sites by United Nations. This synagogue is the oldest synagogue in Australia. The architecture of this place is influenced by Egyptian culture and it can be said that it is Egyptian revival style. Hobart Synagogue was established in 1845. The design of this place includes windows with trapezoidal shape and columns with lotus capitals. The Hobart Synagogue is currently active with regular services by both types of the groups, the Orthodox and Progressive. It was constructed in the garden of former convict Judah Solomon. It is a large spiritual place having a capacity for 150 people.

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5. Trinity

The Trinity Church is situated in Perth and is famous for being among one of the oldest churches in Perth. It is also known to be among the few 19th-century buildings in Perth. The church is constructed in 72 St George Terrace.

6. Great Synagogue

The Great Synagogue is designed by keeping Gothic and Byzantine styles in mind. It was constructed in 1878. The synagogue has an elaborate façade which is a treat for visitors and tourists. The place is open for visitors who are warmly welcomed to join the services of the group. If you want to learn about the history of Judaism, then you can take a guided tour of the Great Synagogue.

7. Perth Mosque

Talking about spirituality, mosques are an important part. The Perth Mosque was totally renovated in the 1990s. The building design of this mosque is based on Middle Eastern architecture. It has a beautiful exterior as well as interior. The mosque is open and can be visited at the times of five prayers of the day.

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8. Murugan Temple

The Murugan Temple is located in Sydney and is a very well maintained place. The temple authority has allowed worship as well as meditation in this place. The Hindu community performs regular daily poojas and special functions during the festive season in Murugan Temple. This temple is surely among the must-visit holistic places in Sydney. The temple is huge in size and also offers a huge parking place. When you will visit the temple, you will find that the inner sanctum of this place is not only peaceful and serene but also very well maintained and organized.

9. Auburn Gallipoli Mosque

The Auburn Gallipoli Mosque is open for people of every religion to visit and experience spirituality associated with this place. Based on its architecture and decoration, it surely is the most attractive mosque in Australia. The mosque provides services for Islamic education, donations, wedding, volunteer, and touring. The place is very hygienic and while visiting it, you should be wearing socks before entering the prayer house, because you would have to remove your shoes. You can take a guided tour for getting interesting information about the mosque as well as Islam.

10. Saint Mary Star of the Sea

The St Mary Star of the Sea is a Roman Catholic Church situated in Peppermint Grove of Western Australia. The church is dedicated to the Lady, Star of the Sea.

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Australia has a long historical association with religion and religious places. The country has a large number of churches, cathedrals, synagogues, mosques, and temples, making it a representative of every religion. Some of the most important places to worship in Australia are discussed in this article.



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