Top 10 Things To Do In Wollongong NSW In 2020

10 Best Places To Visit In Wollongong, Australia 2020

Wollongong in Australia is an astounding place to visit with plenty of shoreline and gorgeous beaches to fill you up with delight. There are many avenues for you to relax and enjoy the serene ambience of this idyllic destination. Wollongong will make you feel rejuvenated and energized. While the beaches are beautiful and over-powering, you can also satisfy your adventurous side in Wollongong. It has many adrenaline-pumping adventure facilities lined up to tickle your adventure spirit. Wollongong is one-hour driving distance from the happening megacity of Sydney. So you could either make a trip for the day or even take time out for an entire weekend of raw pleasure at Wollongong. You will be amazed by the feeling of being reborn after a stay at Wollongong. Here you will find a description of the 10 best places to visit in Wollongong, Australia 2020. This is your chance to plan your trip with this list of best places to visit in Wollongong.

1. Wollongong Beaches

As a waterfront city, numerous beautiful shorelines adorn Wollongong. There’s something hearty about sensing the sand and sea around your body. There are various activities that you can partake in Wollongong but hitting the beaches there should be your prime focus. Whether be it surfing or angling, you will find a new energizing way to holiday.
Find exquisite shorelines, lovely shake pools and laid-back beachfront structures in the wonderful Wollongong locale. This staggering stretch of coastline is on the Grand Pacific Drive, and the ideal spot to unwind and loosen up. The Illawarra Escarpment and the purplish-blue ocean upgrade the common excellence of the shorelines. The headlands at shorelines are extraordinary vantage focuses for whale viewing. Spot humpback whales and other lofty whales on their yearly movement along the NSW coast. North Wollongong Beach and Wollongong City Beach are the most well-known shorelines. More remote south is Windang Beach and Lake Illawarra, a huge saltwater lake well known for cruising, waterskiing, kayaking and other water sports.

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2. Nan Tien Temple

Nan Tien Temple is a Buddhist sanctuary complex situated in Berkeley, on the southern edges of the Australian city of Wollongong, around 75 km south of Sydney. It was established by and built under the support of the Mahayana Buddhist association known as Fo Guang Shan and finished in 1995. Of the majority of the Wollongong sights, this Buddhist sanctuary is certainly a fabulous tourist attraction. The Temple is the biggest Buddhist sanctuary Down Under. Most guests to Wollongong would not hope to wind up visiting a Buddhist sanctuary. If you have faith in what most visitors say, then this sanctuary is certainly worth the effort to reach there. The Temple has a program of standard exercises like reflection, retreats, journeys and work of art workshops. You will be warmly welcomed at the Temple, notwithstanding which religious denomination you belong to. It has a queer peaceful aura around the place which you will find most satisfying and fulfilling for your frayed city nerves.

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3. Sea Cliff Bridge

Due South out of the megacity of Sydney, as you enter National Park Royal, you will find an out of the world 140 km long drive called the Grand Drive Pacific, which winds its way through incredible rainforests and seashore towns. The highpoint of Drive is 600m long Cliff Bridge, which can take your breath away. The reasonable cantilever scaffold cost $ 52,000,000 and joins the beachfront town of Coalcliff with the evergreen town of Clifton. Highlighting two paths of traffic, a cycleway and a walkway, the extension is an element of the grand Lawrence Hargrave Drive. Experience the thrill and grandeur of Sea Cliff Bridge and drive away to sheer ecstasy. Do whatever you have to, just take possession of a car and visit Cliff Bridge, which is today considered as a landmark in the country. You will simply love the drive to this iconic bridge, not to mention the landscape.

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4. Illawarra Treetop Adventure

For some crazy treetop adventure and walk, Illawarra Treetop Adventure provides you with the perfect set-up. The metal walkway makes you little giddy by swaying a little as you walk on it, some 50m above the ground level. That is some experience of a lifetime! The treetop walk is an ideal way to be in the arms of nature with your family. There are other adventurous ventures that this facility offers to those who have the urge for tough adventurous activities. The walkway finishes in Knights Tower, a winding pinnacle that ascents to a stunning 45 meters over the woods floor. At that point, there’s the rushes and difficulties of two going up against influencing springboard cantilevers suspended 25 meters over the woodland floor which take visitors to the edge of the slope. From the Treetop facility, you will get one of the most amazing views of the coastline, as also the impressive rainforests. Visit this place and It will be your adventure trip to last a lifetime.

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5. Minnamurra Rainforest

An exploratory visit to Minnamurra Rainforest will bring you face to face with spouting cascades of stunning perspectives. It’s the spot to Opt for bushwalking along with some serious viewing. So keep your camera with you for taking some glorious shots there. Take some time off to see the spectacle called Minnamurra Falls. On the other hand, glide the majestic River Minnamurra in a kayak. You will find various spots to dispatch a kayak without anyone else’s input. But in case you don’t know the about the tides there, a visit under guidance is the right approach to encounter the stream. Supported and monitored for over a century, the Minnamurra Rainforest is hugely valuable. At this much-adored place, you can meander raised footpaths and investigate the rainforest that once covered a significant part of the district. Join the Rainforest circle walk and The Falls walk and find stunning plants and creatures in an amazing environment. Stroll to Minnamurra Falls, a stunning two-fold layered cascade, or Carrington Falls, with its fantastic 50m drop. Sit back, tune in to the sleep-inducing sound of streaming water and let your troubles vanish.

6. Kiama Blowhole

A forty-minute drive from Wollongong lies small oceanside town called Kiama. Witnessing Kiama blowhole figures as the high priority activity in Kiama. The Blowhole was first discovered by George Bass when he came to Kiama harbour in 1797 in a whaleboat. Blowholes have been shaped thousands of years ago. The Blowhole is the reason for the town of Kiama becoming a tourist destination. Under certain conditions of the sea, the blowhole spouts out 50 litres water to 20m of height, in amounts that altogether soaks any spectator. There is a smaller and less popular blowhole, about 2 km from the big blowhole. This is colloquially called the “Little Blowhole”. It is rather small in dimensions compared to its bigger brother. However, because of its thin shape, it is more solid than the bigger blowhole, which is similarly marvellous. The blowhole draws in around one million sightseers a year.

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7. Wollongong Science Space

Wollongong Science Center and Wollongong Planetarium is an intuitive, science-oriented journey for all ages. Wollongong Science Space going by name-Science Center and Planetarium, started in 1989 in its old structure, north of the present area. The Center was first begun by Glen Moore along with a group of excited volunteers. Science Space was revamped in 2000 and started welcoming the general population from thereon. Science Space initially was the only structure built inside Innovation Campus, and currently has 9 structures on the beachfront site. There are a science theatre and a lot of presentations to mesmerize your family. Try not to miss the free science shows and planetarium. From dinosaurs to space venture, that is the spot to get educated and entertained for several hours. This scientific centre is the darling of the College of Wollongong’s Innovation Campus. Here is an ocean of learning opportunity here, which will amaze you.

8. Jamberoo Action Park

If you’re going with the family, you can not be anywhere wrong in your decision to visit Jamberoo Action Park. Need superb relaxation in an unadulterated setting where no two rides are going o give you the same thrill? Come to this Action Park. It is without an iota of doubt, the biggest amusement stops in New South Wales and has focal points like smaller than expected golf, wave pools, speed slides, and an energizing channel net water slide that forms a piece of new Kangaroo Island improvement at Jamberoo water park. Basically, an hour south of Sydney, NSW’s biggest family possessed water amusement park envelops a large group of world-class rides and attractions. Set among the mountains in Jamberoo and with the drop of the staggering Illawarra ledge, Jamberoo Motion Park is situated to transport a diversion experience, not at all like some other. While you go through multi-day or put resources into a season at Jamberoo Action Park – you’re entering a spot where you are bound to have oodles of adventure and spine chilling experiences. So what exactly are you waiting for? Come join the excitement at Jamberoo Action Park.

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9. Symbio Park

Symbio Park is family possessed and run zoo situated on the South edge of Sydney outskirts of Helensburgh. On any fortunate moment that you happen to visit Wollongong, this is the spot to be around to see natural life. Advantageously situated on the highest point of Illawarra ledge, it is only minutes off Stanwell Beach, incredibly famous National ParkRoyal and Cliff Bridge. Go through the day evaluating the Sumatran tigers, meerkats, red pandas and tamarin monkeys. Set among 16 beautiful sections of land with manicured gardens where guests can get very close to the entirety of their Australian and extraordinary creature top choices. Snuggle up to a koala for a rare notorious Aussie selfie, move around feeding and patting the huge horde of kangaroos. You can have encounters with the red pandas, lemurs, monkeys and many more. If you love yard creatures, the Farmyard area is the spot to go and pat sheep and goats, meet up with the guinea pigs and view ducks and chickens.

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10. Motorlife Museum

Wollongong Motorlife is the ultimate museum of Vintage and Veteran vehicles and is specially meant for all those who adore obsolete vehicles. With an assortment of notable engine cars and motorbikes notwithstanding extraordinary hardware, eg. siphons and lawnmowers, Motorlife is simply the spot for you. The Motorlife Museum is a volunteer association with Authority to Fund Raise as a Tax Exempt Charity that started in the mid-1990s with a gathering of veteran and vintage motoring lovers assembling the Illawarra Motor Museum with the express desire to exhibit the Veteran and Vintage vehicles of all Australian and universal makes. Motor life has been at the forefront of organizing many exhibitions in a sustained manner. Take, for example, Annual Expo in October, Wheels in Motion on the second Sunday and National Motoring Heritage Day in May. Do make a visit if you want to witness the transformation in automobiles that world has undergone through the ages.

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If you are looking to escape from the hustle-bustle of big city life and recoup your energies at a peaceful and serene destination, then Wollongong in Australia is your answer. Magnificent seashores and tasty nourishment, Wollongong has it all. Wollongong is the tenth biggest city in Australia and is at an hour’s drive from Sydney. Here is the list of places to visit in Wollongong, Australia that has been carefully pieced together for any visitor. Make use of the information and decide on the best places to visit in Wollongong.












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