Bruny Island

Bruny Island, Location And History

The islands around Australia are blessed with loads and loads of natural beauty. The beauty of these islands is sure to leave you spellbound. The clear water spread to infinity, the sandy beaches where you can just chill, the unique fauna and flora and the intriguing history; the islands located around Australia have a lot to offer and that the why, the number of people visiting the islands in Australia is on rise. Many people are preferring to visit an island for a peaceful and serene holiday.

If we talk about the islands in Australian continent, we will fall short of numbers. There are many spectacular islands around Australia and the Bruny Island is one of them. Blessed with spectacular views, the Bruny Island is a hot favorite among the tourists from across the globe. This place is a heaven for the travelers who wish to spend their holiday, chilling amidst nature.

The island appears as two with the North and the South Bruny joined together by a strip called the neck.


Bruny Island is located off Tasmania‘s south-eastern coast. It is separated from the coast by the D’Entrecasteaux Channel. Towards the northeast of the island is the Storm Bay.


As the history has it, this island was the home to the Aboriginal people before the European settlement. The first European to arrive at this island is Tobias Furneaux, in the year 1773. The island was names after Bruni d’Entrecasteaux, the French explorer, who went to the channel and discovered the island in the year 1792. Until the year 1918, this island was known by the name Bruni, the spelling was later changed to Bruny.

 Bruny Island Attributes

 Bruny Island is an important bird area as classified by the BirdLife International, as it supports many endangered bird species like pardalote, swift parrot, short-tailed shearwater (Tasmanian mutton bird) and 14 Tasmanian endemic bird species.

Things To Do

Do not forget to visit the South Bruny National Park and witness the mesmerizing beauty and rich fauna and flora of this island. The national park has tall cliffs that overlook the beautiful sandy beaches, coast line and beautiful gardens.

Explore the rich history of the Aboriginals on this island.

Visit the Adventure bay in the South Bruny.

Take a half- day boat cruise that will take you around the island .

Visit the The Cape Bruny Lighthouse which is one of the oldest and most iconic light houses in whole of Australia. Visit the Point Gallery and witness the amazing art work. Also visit the Bligh Museum. Take a thirty minute scenic flight to take the ariel view of the island. Experience bushwalking. The island is an amazing place to walk. Relax at the beautiful beaches of the Bruny Island. Enjoy oysters, chocolate and cheese at the Bruny Island.


A community of Aboriginals still stays at the Bruny Island.


If you something to share with us about your visit to Bruny Island, please share here. We are waiting to hear from you. Share your pictures too.

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