Mount Wellington – Tasmania

Mount Wellington is one wonderful mountain region of Tasmania. It is located in the south east coastal region of Tasmania. Officially, this mountain is addressed as kunanyi. This mountain is the summit of the Wellington Range. The foothills of this range are the home to the city of Hobart. The Mount Wellington is huge. It rises to 1,269 meters above the level of the sea. Very frequently, this mountain is covered by the snow that makes beautifully white. The lower slopes of this mountain are however thickly forested. Interestingly, this forested slope has been cut down into a walking trail by the locals here. Thus, it can be walked on and explored.

The Beautiful View at The Mount Wellington:

Mount Wellington is one beautiful spot of Tasmania. Likewise, it is one of the major famous attractions of the region. The snow when falls on this mountain makes it look all the more beautiful and picturesque. This mountain is like a benevolent overlord. The view of this mountain from its very top is simply incredible. There are spaces where you can take the advantage of hiking and biking in this region. The panoramic views of the city from the Mount Wellington are worth your admiration.

How to Get There?

You can drive all the way to the summit on the sealed road to reach the Mount Wellington. Also the local Hobart Shuttle Bus Company runs a daily two-hour tour to the summit of this mountain. Apart from this, there are several local buses that take you to this picturesque view within the shortest possible time. Apart from taking the picturesque view of the Mount Wellington, you can take part in a number of other activities here such as hiking, biking, trolling, etc. You can also take the help of the local guides in knowing more about this mountain.

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