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The Salamanca Market is one famous street market of Tasmania. This market is situated in the Salamanca Place in Hobart. It is one of the favorite spots of the tourists and locals of Tasmania. Why? Because of its fresh produce and local arts and crafts. This place is the hub for all kinds of local arts and crafts of Tasmania. The Salamanca Market of Hobart opens every Saturday in between 8:30 am and 3:00 pm. The whole place during this time becomes very lively. You visit to this market is definitely worth it if you are on your trip to Tasmania.

Background of the Salamanca Market:

It has been 44 years since the Salamanca Market is held every Saturday in Tasmania. Interestingly, this market entertains a background that you must get acquainted with. The original idea of running a community market in this region was proposed by the National Council of Women Tasmania to Alderman Clemente. The gentleman graciously looked forward to the proposed idea and laid this concept in front of Hobart City Council. The Hobart City Council accepted the proposal and a trial market was launched on the 29th of June in the year 1971. Back then Salamanca Market consisted of 12 stalls. Surprisingly, this market consists of 300 stalls today.

Discover This Beautiful Market:

It is one beautiful market of Tasmania. As you start exploring this market, you come across some beautiful items like art pieces, fashion accessories, gourmet products and many more. If you are an art lover, you can explore some beautiful art decorations such as handmade Tasmanian pieces, local crafts, wooden jewelry, accessories, etc. Those who are passionate about fashion can find things like unique fabrics, various quirky accessories, etc. There are also a number of facilities available at the Salamanca Market such as a café, interpretive centre and public toilet.

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