Top 10 Reasons to Visit Tasmania in 2023

10 Things to do in Tasmania in 2023

One of Australia’s most evocative destinations is Tasmania. Even though it is a small island state it is certainly the most diverse too. It features everything from Little Blue Lake, which is a hidden wonder in itself, Cradle Mountain’s inspiring peak to white sandy beaches. Aside from its outstanding terrain it also offers eclectic artistic and cultural experiences.

Suggestions for your 2023 Tasmanian visit

1. Adventure and Outdoor Experiences

When you consider that more than a third of Tasmania consists of National Parks, world heritage protected wilderness and reserves, you already know you are in an adventure have. You have a paradise of walking and hiking trails including the Three Capes Track, South Coast Track and Wineglass Bay walk. The Tasmanian wilderness is a haven for adventurous hikers who needs to escape the hustle and bustle of city life
Cradle Mountain-Lake St Clair National Park offers you the most awe-inspiring wilderness that you could fathom. The number of hiking and walking trail is outstanding and one of Australia’s top hikes is the six-day Overland Track which attracts thousands of local and international travellers every year. If the length bothers you tackle the rugged Cradle mountain itself or explore the hundreds of walking trails all across the National Park with its extraordinary plant and animal life.
The beautiful and lengthy coastline offer opportunities ranging from surfing the highest breaks to sailing the seas or diving. Tasmania also has one of the best waterways with saltwater and freshwater fishing across the state.
While in Tasmania in 2023 drop in at the Mole Creek Caves which is open throughout the year except for Christmas Day. Take the 15-minute drive and head to Kings Solomon’s Caves and Marakoopa which are based in Mole Creek Karst National Park.

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2. Arts and Culture

In Tasmania, you have a new world of cultural experiences and top arts that ranges from festivals to art galleries and world-class museums. Tasmania has a vibrant theatre and live music scene that ranges from performance art to underground acts and symphony orchestras. You can check out Hobart with Mona with an interesting and stimulating events calendar.
Around the state is a number of smaller galleries as well as the Launceston Queen Victoria Museum and Hobart’s Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery. Take a glimpse at the lives of the females that once dwelled at the Cascades Female Factory which was once a workhouse and convict facility.
Do not forget to put the Town of Murals on your 2023 calendar either with each April featuring a mural fest as one of the best open-air galleries just an hour from Launceston. Here you witness extraordinary mural from top to bottom in colourful artwork. An experience that few can say they have done is literally get lost in the world’s largest maze complex which is set against Mount Roland’s foothills which in itself is a magnificent backdrop.

3. Shopping

The markets and shops in Tasmania are a magnificent celebration of the local producers, creative artisans and unique culture. The cities and towns are easy and safe to walk about while the smaller side streets and laneways have quirky shopping options you will also find large stores, large markets, collectable stores and boutique shops. A place that is known throughout Australia is the Salamanca Market which is a weekly adventure that is open from 8:30 am until 3:00 pm on Saturdays. In the northwest of Tasmania is Burnie’s Farmers Market while Tasmania has no shortage of stores like the Apparel concept store in Wild Island, Sorrel Antiques, Simon Martin Whips and Leathercraft and many more.

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4. History and Heritage

The Tasmanian history is one of early industrial and mining development, maritime adventures and brutal convict past. When you look around at the towns and cities in Tasmania you will notice early Tasmanian Architecture, many of which have been restored as attractions, restaurants and accommodation. The best-preserved colonial-era suburb is Battery Point which is worth a visit. You will also notice early Tasmania in the large country estates and villages to the north. It also houses five UNESCO World Heritage Convict Sites.
While you are there do not miss out on the Lower Crackpot Correctional Centre wither which is filled with fake punishments and plush guillotines.
While most people know that the British Empire used Australia as a penal colony, the most infamous prisons were Port Arthur. It is a great place for history buffs with the eerie ruins of the abandoned prison standing for over a century.
Great heritage sites include the Tasmanian Transport Museum with its historic locomotives, tram cars and historic displays. One of the grandest houses in Australia is on the South Esk River banks, the Clarendon House.

5. Wildlife and Nature

The treasure trove, Tasmania has a diverse sea life and unique plant and animal life making it easy to access it all due to its compact size. You can access vast rainforests, coastal heaths, grasslands, wetlands and alpine ranges in a Tasmania visit. Many of the Tasmanian wildlife can only be found on the island while the plant life is equally unique. You can stopover at places like the East Coast Natureworld, Trowunna Wildlife Sanctuary, Bridestowe Lavender Estate, Platypus House and many more

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6. Wellbeing and Health

Spa retreats are popular in beautiful Tasmania to restore your physical and mental well-being. You have everything from hourly to half-day, full-day and longer treatments and spas in the Tasmanian wilderness in luxury health resorts. Some of the top spas include Waldheim Alpine Spa in Cradle Mountain. This world-class spa made it to the top ten list of the most extraordinary places to stay in the world as it is on the exquisite World Heritage Listed Wilderness in Tasmania. Harmony Hill Retreat which is a 30-minute drive from the Tasmanian capital with Ayurvedic therapies. When you are ready for a personalized pamper package head over to Launceston to the Cinergee which is a beautiful 1880s heritage-listed terrace house.

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7. Food and Drink

When you love fresh produce, you are in the right place as Tasmanians love their farmer’s markets, roadside stalls and quality food. With the green and clean Tasmanian climate you also get some of Australia’s top winemakers and even competing against world wineries. It is famous for its gin, whiskey, cider, sparkling wines and pinot noir. When you are ready to taste the best cheeses head over to Bruny Island Cheese Co. in Southern Tasmania. While it has a Hobart store too you can hop on a ferry and take the 15-minute scenic ride from Adventure Bay and visit the cheesemaker and taste some of the beer and cheeses manufactured. A 45-minute drive from Hobart is the finest smoked seafood from the Woodbridge Smokehouse. They use hand-smoking processes and certainly the house with the best seafood that offers outdoor and alfresco dining as well as takes away and fresh seafood purchased.

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8. Events

You better get yourself ready for an event filled stay in Tasmania with regular fairs and festivals. From the 10th to the 12th of January 2020 is the Cygnet Folk Festival while you can wait another week for the Mona Foma in Launceston. Also, in Launceston is the Festival from the 31st of January until the 2nd of February 2020. In Burnie is the Targa North Festival which is a two-day event from 15 to 16 February. The list of festivals and events go on and on and you will not be in Tasmania without attending some kind of festivity.

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9. Nightlife

If you though Tasmania has little to offer in respect of nightlife, you are wrong as it has top live band spots, cafes, wine bars and nightclubs with great harbour views. The nightclub which should be the first to visit in 2020 is the IXL Long Bar in Hunter Street in Hobart. This hotspot is part of Henry Jones Hotel and a lively, vibrant meeting place for travellers and locals alike. Weekends is known for its great live music while the weekdays and nights have great beats, stunning views of the harbour and sharp bar service. In Davey Street in Hobart is Lark Whisky Bar that serves more than Whisky but also Liqueur, brandy, gin, vodka and rum all of which are produced at their very own distillery. Knopwoods Retreat is also Hobart based with a relaxed atmosphere that dates back to 1830 with 14 beers on tap and excellent cocktails.

10. Accommodation

Tasmania has top five-star hotels and resorts while you can also get budget accommodation, camping and glamping. Some of the top accommodation include the Rosevears Hotel, the Peppers Silo in Launceston, Maylands Lodge in Hobart, the Florance in Launceston, Hadley’s Orient in Hobart, Cradle Mountain Wilderness Village in Cradle Mountain, Ikon Hotel in Burnie and many more. When you look at budget options look at places like the Launceston based Change Overnight, Scamander Surfside Motel and many more.

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Final Thoughts

Tassie, as the locals love to refer to their beloved island, has one of the country’s most impressive landscapes. The places mentioned here, things to do and our top 10 reasons to visit Tasmania in 2023 is only a drop in the bucket. When you plan your Australia trip be sure to add Tasmania to your bucket list of places that deserve a visit as the size will enable you to see and do a lot due to its compact size.

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