Top 10 things to do in Sunshine Coast Australia

Sunshine Coast Australia

Sunshine Coast Australia, If you love the sun and some great weather, then you sure are going to love the Sunshine Coast as your next holiday destination. Many people flock to the various important tourist destinations in Australia at different times of the year, but if you are in search of a destination that offers the same sunny and bright weather, no matter what time of the year it is, then the Sunshine Coast in Queensland must be on the top of your list.

A nice climate along with beautiful beaches, hinterlands, man-made structures and diverse flora and fauna, make this place a much sought after destination by international as well as national tourists and travelers. That is the main reason why this ‘Sunny Coast’ offer features in the list of the top favorite destinations of most travelers who love the sea, the sunshine and of course, a vibrant lifestyle in a comparatively laid back zone.

With diverse offerings to its visitors, a vacation in the Sunshine Coast may become really difficult to plan. The reason? Well, obviously for the simple fact that this region has far too many things that are ‘worth’ visiting and seeing and tourists are often in a dilemma regarding which ones to fit in and which to leave during the short time that they have for their vacation. If you are indeed in such a situation, then continue reading this simple guide that will tell you about the ‘must visit’ places – places that mustn’t be missed at any cost; miss one and your visit to the Sunshine Coast will not be complete.

Australia Zoo:

Zoos and wildlife parks are a common feature of most Australian cities and locales. Why then is the Australia Zoo is in the ‘must visit’ list and that too at the top? There are reasons for it. While most Zoos or wildlife parks are maintained and nurtured by the local authorities, the Australia Zoo has been widely popularized and taken care of by the deceased Australian wildlife lover Steve Irwin and the efforts have been continued by his family as well. Not only has the Australia Zoo been able to ward off the ‘effects’ of commercialization (commercialization has been in effect for several years now) but the efforts by Steve Irwin himself and his family has been capable of maintaining the basic mantra of the best upkeep of the animals and helping in their conservation, which is why, the Australia Zoo may be regarded as one of the main reasons why people are drawn to the Sunshine Coast. The diverse collection of wildlife, along with the enthusiastic maintenance by the authorities, make a trip to the Zoo a totally different experience.

Getting there

If you are planning to reach the Zoo directly from the Airport, the simplest mode of transport would be a cab that will take you to your destination in about 30-40 minutes for a fare of around $100. If you are in the region of Novotel Twin Waters or Sheraton Noosa Resort & Spa, taking a cab will take you to the Australia Zoo in about 20-40 minutes for a cost of around $90-$160.

The Noosa Main Beach:

You could be a beach lover and may have even been to numerous beaches across the world but Australia is specially endowed when it comes to the golden, sparkling or white beaches. And of the numerous Australian beaches, there is really a very few that can match the beauty and vibe of the Noosa Main Beach in Sunshine Coast. You may find several populated or secluded beaches along the long coastline of the Sunshine Coast, but if you need to see the best, make sure that you visit the Main Beach at Noosa. One look at it will instantly take you to the memory of postcard photos that looked too amazing to be true. At the Main Beach, a perfect family vacation with lots of activities like surfing, whale watching, dolphin watching and much more can actually come true while still being away from the high-rise city life.

Getting there

The Sheraton Noosa Spa & Resort is quite close to Main Beach and you can easily walk to the beach. But if you are traveling from the direction of the Airport or hotels like the Novotel Twin Waters, you will have to take a cab or drive for about 30 minutes to reach the beach. Cab fares usually range between $80-$100.

Sunshine Coast Australia

The Ginger Factory:

While you may have heard of public accessible Chocolate or Sweet Factories, a ginger factory open to the public is really a unique experience. Whether you like ‘ginger’ (the main theme of the factory and the entertainment park around it) or not, you and your family is sure to like it. The main reason for this is, apart from the ginger based products like sweets, powders, baked products, etc., the factory is surrounded by an entertainment park that offers ginger-y as well as non ginger-y experiences with a specialized children’s area, extensive, beautifully crafted and maintained gardens, quality food and desserts, cane train and boat rides that offer a better exploring option of the area and so much more. Just include a day in your itinerary for a tour to the factory and you sure will have fond memories of ‘ginger’.

Getting there

The factory is located at about a driving distance of 20-30 minutes from the Airport and the important hotels in the CBD. Cab fares are around $50.

Sunshine Coast Australia – Aussie World:

If you have kids with you or you are looking for more fun and thrill, then include the Aussie World in your list of must visit places in Sunshine Coast. Being the one and only theme park located in the northern parts, off the Gold Coast, the Aussie World not only attracts tourists who are vacationing in the Sunshine Coast but also locals from the neighboring areas. With numerous exciting rides and shows, plenty of shopping and munching options, the Aussie World is a great place to take a day off or during a vacation.

Getting there

The theme park is about half an hour ride from the Airport or CBD and will cost around $60 as the cab fare.

Sunshine Coast Australia – Fraser Island:

The island may be quite far from the Sunshine Coast, at a distance of around 150 Kms, yet you cannot possibly miss a trip to island at any cost. Its not just any island located off the beach, it is the largest sand island in the world that offers a huge expanse of beachfront, beautiful sand cliffs, golden beaches, numerous lakes and a virgin rainforest that is home to a large population of fauna, including wild dingoes and numerous other native species. You can enjoy dips at the popular pools, try beach fishing, barbecues, or simply take in the beauty of the place with a guided tour.

Getting there

The Fraser Island is the World Heritage spot and accessing it best done by the tour operators. Most operators take you via a beach drive of the Sunshine Coast, followed by a mesmerizing cruise to the island with dolphin spoting and further driving in the operator owned vehicles to the different landmarks of the island. The journey can be covered in 1 day.

Sunshine Coast Australia – Underwater World at Mooloolaba :

If marine life interests you, then ensure that the Underwater World is on your priority list. Even if you have not much interest or experience with marine life, do visit the aquarium as it is sure to change your preference, once and for all. It’s one of the major attractions of the Sunshine Coast and has constantly been on the fav list of most travelers since its inception in the year 1989. It has withstood the challenge of time and the competition from the ‘biggies’ in different parts of Australia and has continually updated and upgraded its facilities and marine life display, which is why tourists and locals continuously flock to the aquarium. Delve deeper into the secrets of marine life with educative commentaries and interaction sessions.

Getting there

Located in Mooloolaba, this aquarium is easily reached from the Sunshine Coast Airport with a drive of about 15 minutes and a pocket pinch of about $50.

Bellingham Maze:

Want to rack up your brains and enjoy it too? Well, be at the Bellingham Maze. With a number of activities involving different types of mazes, you can have a good time at this open aired, theme based park. Not only that, you can relish the existence of the surrounding rainforest while your kids and other family members engage themselves in the children’s area or a game of golf.

Getting there

A short drive about 20 minutes, costing about $50 for a cab ride, will take you to this amazing park.

Sunshine Coast Australia –  Glass House Mountains:

The Sunshine Coast is well endowed when it comes to natural iconic landmarks and the Glass House Mountains sure do make an entry into the list. The hills are steep sided and are known to be formed as result of hardened lava from volcanoes that have been lost over millions of years of erosion. You can visit the Interpretation Center and the National park that’s located within the township or even have picnics and hike along the popular trails.

Getting there

Driving to the township will take about half an hour and cost about $120.

Sunshine Coast Australia

 Sunshine Coast Australia – Maleny Botanic Gardens:

The Sunshine Coast isn’t famous just for its extensive coastline and beaches, it is highly endowed with lush green hinterlands too, that make up great spots to relax and unwind yourself while photographing some of the best non-coastal views of the Sunshine Coast. Nestled amongst the fantastic rainforest area of the region, the Botanic Gardens is sprawled over an area of 14 hectares, the Botanic Gardens at Maleny is home to an extensive collection of flora and plants.

Getting there

Being located in Maleny, the Gardens can be reached via a cab ride of around 50 minutes from the Airport in Sunshine Coast. Pocket pinch will be around $110.

Sunshine Coast Australia – Eumundi Markets

Like all other destinations, Sunshine Coast too has a market region that ought to be included in your itinerary to get the best pick of local stuff. The Eumundi market is known to be the best display of local crafts, art, sculpture, local entertainment and most of all, the best offerings of local food. Yes, it’s a dream come true for a foodie or you are planning on some great shopping experience. Enjoy a relaxed day enjoying some coffee or swaying to the local tunes.

Getting there

Eumundi is closer to Noosa than Sunshine CBD and a drive to the market costs about $80, for a cab drive of about half an hour.

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