Top 10 Reasons to Visit the Birthplace of Australia, Sydney in 2020

Things To Do in Sydney 2020

To name the top ten reasons to visit Sydney in 2020 seems rather unfair as the number of things to do, places to go and experience in Australia’s birthplace are immeasurable. It often comes as a surprise to international tourists that Sydney is indeed not Australia’s capital.
It is quite understandable that the world might be under that impression though with the iconic attractions associated with Sydney. It is Australia’s largest metropolitan city on the east coast with the population and economy rapidly growing, with the harbourside a massive draw for tourists and locals.

What are the Things Do When You Visit Sydney?

1. Sydney Festival

Be sure that you are in Sydney any day from January 8, 2020, until January 26, 2020. This is the annual Sydney Festival that is an event that attracts thousands of tourists and Ussies each year. The Sydney Festival is Australia’s biggest arts festival which started in 1977 and every year it grew bigger than the previous year. 2020 is going to be even more impressive at the annual most important culture fiesta. Visitors will enjoy a massive scale of workshops, theatre, dance, music, exhibitions, shows, concerts and more.

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2. Vivid Festival

From May to June 2020 is the annual Vivid Festival. It is a 23-day long celebration of projections and lights that is on in Sydney every winter. It is a night-time festival which is largely interactive and the colours changes from chairs to the Sydney Harbor Bridge. It is the Southern Hemisphere’s largest festival of ideas, music and light.

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3. Luna Park

Luna Park is free to enter even though you have to pay for the rides but excellent for all ages but great for families. There are amazing picnic areas with views of Sydney Harbor and outstanding rides. It is the area’s largest and best amusement park.

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4. Ferry Ride from Circular Quay to Manly

One of the cheapest ferries is also the slowest ferries, after all when you want to take a ferry to do a scenic tour of Sydney there is no better way to have it going slow. This is something which the locals tell you, choose the ferry from Circular Quay to Manly as it is an incredibly scenic journey and you will not miss a thing with the slow pace.

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5. Spit Bridge to Manly Beach Coastal Walk

You will find that both locals, domestic travellers and tourists have one big complaint and that is the high prices of entrees, things to buy, etc. when visiting a world-class city like Sydney, but you will be amazed t the abundance of free things to do which give immense pleasure. Like the coastal walk here. Start at Spit Bridge and walk the 11 kilometres to Manly Beach. You will traverse small beaches and native bushland with highlights like spectacular ocean views and 1000-year-old Aboriginal rock engravings. When you get to Manly, quench your thirst or have breakfast at one of the many cafes and beach bars and restaurants.

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6. Stroll Darling Harbor

Adjacent to Sydney city centre is the popular recreational complex of Darling Harbor and most certainly worth a day or two of exploring. It offers a massive number of attractions which are excellent during the day and definitely at night too. Favourites include the Carousel, the magnificent Dockside Pavilion, the National Maritime Museum, Chinese Garden of Friendship, Madam Tussauds, an aquarium and more. At night it offers a vibrant nightlife scene which you must check out as well.

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7. Paddy’s Markets

Paddy’s Markets have been an institution in Sydney for more than 150 years. It is not only the biggest market but the one where you will find the best bargains and excellent vibe. It is between Flemington and Haymarket and it will take you more than a day if you want to check out the more than 1000 stalls.

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8. Bondi Beach

If you have been to Sydney and you mention it to someone that you haven’t taken the time to go to Bondi Beach, they will tell you that you haven’t been to Sydney. Its that simple you have to go to Bondi Beach. It is where the rich and famous, local and international celebrities and all the beautiful people go. It is an Australian Heritage Listed beach and interestingly is it on the World Guinness Record as the beach with the largest number of bikini swimsuit photoshoot. At one time 1010 women took part for the largest beach bikini photoshoot on Bondi Beach. It is an exciting beach with the surrounding suburb offering bountiful dining, drinking and retail options.

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9. Climb the Sydney Harbour Bridge

It is one of the few bridges in the world that is actually climbable, and it is one of Sydney’s most iconic symbols. Since it is an event most travellers to Sydney partake in, there is an abundance of guide and climb leaders ready to help you achieve your dream.

10. Royal Botanic Gardens

The Royal Botanic Gardens are one of Australia’s oldest gardens and also a scientific institution. These gardens were established in 1816 and since they are over 200 years old, you will find that each year including 2020, they host commemorative events. You can choose to stroll the gardens on your own or take a guide’s tour and do not miss out one the Choo Choo express that follows a scenic route through the gardens. More than five million tourists, both domestic and international frequent the Royal Botanic Gardens each year.

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We have only scraped the bottom of the barrel as Sydney deserves so much more when you visit. Sydney is a cosmopolitan hive of activity and often called Australia’s answer to New York, the city that never sleeps. But it offers far more than that, it has fantastic weather, gorgeous beaches, some of the world’s most iconic architecture like the Sydney Opera House, the International Towers, Sydney Tower, The Queen Victoria Building and so much more. Be sure to include the outstanding architecture in your 2020 visit to Sydney.



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