Sexiest & Funniest Gifts For One Month Anniversary

Top 7 Sexiest & Funniest Gifts For One Month Anniversary

That first one is the worst and best at the same time, isn’t it? It’s too early to buy your partner anything serious, yet you must buy something to show you’re still interested. It’s scary and exciting, but we’re here to offer some ideas.

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1. Edible Bra

Yup, now you don’t have to go through all the trouble of taking it off. You can simply eat it off. It’s candy time! Although, gotta warn you, don’t buy this if you still haven’t had sex. That’d be kind of weird.

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2. Dude Wipes

You know what this means, right? Get him the perfect gift. Because now, he can “think” of you everywhere. Toilet at work, aeroplane, car, etc. They’re antiseptic and practical.

Buy Now : Dude Wipes

3. Sex Checks

You get 60 in one pack, and you can cash in anytime. Thank you kindly, Bank of Sex.

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4. Ball Sack

No, not literally, but also yes. You get 2 balls and a sack. Supposedly they’re stress-relief, so every time you smack it you feel better. Not sure if it’s a great message to send to your boyfriend though. Maybe just buy these secretly for yourself.

Buy Now : Ball Sack

5. Kitty Undies

On the front, it says: “Lick it before you st…” You can guess the rest. She’ll either laugh super hard or slap you in the face. Not sure. Give it a try and tell us.

Buy Now : Kitty Undies

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6. Kiss Bell

It’s simple and cute. Every time you want a kiss, just ring the bell. Well, you’re probably not living together after a month, but it’ll definitely be a cute gift. And it can go both ways.

Buy Now : Kiss Bell

7. Man-Like Swimsuit

Want your girlfriend to have a hairy male-looking front? Have a perfect beach anniversary? You got it. It might not… Scratch that, it’s definitely not sexy, but it will be funny. For you, at least.

Buy Now : Man-Like Swimsuit

Of course, you can always be a normal human being and buy flowers, chocolate, book a dinner at a nice restaurant, etc. But why would you? This is way cooler, trust us. Also, if you want to be cool (or stay in a relationship for that matter), read this article – 10 Things You Should NEVER Say During Sex.

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