Did You Know That Women Can Have 8 Different Types of Orgasm?

Woman And Their 8 Different Orgasms

Be honest, did you know? Or did you only know about the 2 of them? We’re only asking the guys. Unless you’re a doctor, you probably didn’t. Well, now you will.

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1. Clitoral Orgasm

This type of orgasm can be achieved by almost every female. With 8,000 nerve endings, the clitoris is one of the most sensitive parts of the body. Sex therapists advise that the partner massage this area in a circular motion, so that the woman reaches orgasm. Oral stimulation is also welcome. 

2. Nipple Orgasm

Female nipples are actually connected to the nerve endings of the woman’s genitals. So, a large number of women feel a direct connection to their clitoris when their nipples are stimulated. However, not all women can experience tittie orgasm, so this mainly depends on the sensitivity of the nipples. Guess babies know what they’re doing, huh? Okay, that one was a little bit over the top. 

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3. Anal Orgasm

In some cases, the nerves of the clitoris extend to the anus, so during anal penetration, some woman can cum. Also,  anal orgasm occurs by indirect stimulation of the G-spot through the wall that separates the vagina and rectum. So, basically, every time you were trying to find the G-spot in the front area, you were probably looking in the wrong place.

4. Vaginal Orgasm

They say that size doesn’t matter, but (sorry guys) if you want to experience a vaginal orgasm, you will need someone, or something big enough to reach your cervix. They say that this form of orgasm is intensely experienced all over the body, so it must be pretty damn good. And, guys, if you don’t have enough “man power”, don’t worry about it – you can please your lady in 7 other ways!

5. Fantasising

Apparently, there’s also a mental orgasm.  Some women use a combination of breathing exercises and sexual fantasies to reach this peak. So, just by using their imagination, they can achieve climax? Unimaginable!

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6. Exercise

This one is not entirely proven, but some experts claim that an orgasm is actually possible to achieve with hard exercise. Therefore, ladies don’t even need guys or toys anymore – they can just hit the gym.  

7. Skin orgasm

Believe it or not, it exists. You know that nice feeling when you listen to a certain song or when someone kisses your neck, and you get the chills? Well, that feeling is sexual arousal, but you never thought of it that way, have you? Though it lasts a very short time, it still counts.

8. Combined orgasm

This type of orgasm involves vaginal and clitoral orgasm and can last from one minute to as much as 15 minutes. If you want to experience this type of sexual climax, your partner will have to work extra hours. Or, you can let your partner watch the TV while you use this handy little toy.

This is amazing, to say the least. But also frightening at the same time. Men, prepare yourselves because this won’t be an easy task.

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