How To Get Laid In 5 Super Easy Steps?!

5 Super Easy Ways to Get In Bed With Your Tinder Date

What, you actually thought that was true? LOL! When it comes to getting into someone’s pants, whether it’s male or female pants, you’re on your own, sorry. We, can, though, offer advice on how to get him/her in the right mood.

1. Stay Cool

Sounds cheesy, but it’s true. Let’s say you’re in a bar with a few new colleagues. One of them is a girl you like. Talk to her, but don’t single her out. Spread the conversation around the group. Show interest in her, but not desperation. And perhaps, after a couple of drinks, you can discretely ask her for a number or on a date.

2. Be Self-Assured

Now, let’s see a different scenario. The girl, or man, is not in your group. It’s a total stranger. Your pick up line is entirely up to you, but your approach must always be confident. If you’re shy and apologetic, it might not go as you want it to go. Probably not. For example: “I’m so sorry to bother you,” you say bowing your head down, “but I thought you might maybe want to let me ask you to buy you a drink.” Nope, not in a 1000 years. Head up, shoulders back, introduce yourself properly right away, show initiative, then a short but effective question – best choice.

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3. Smile

Like we said in our article on how to get more Tinder matches, a smile is almost crucial. No one wants to talk to a moody stranger unless you’re Hank Moody. For some reason, everything seems to work for him. But he smiles a lot too, probably because he’s drunk most of the time, but you get the point.

4. Don’t Drag The Conversation

This, of course, depends on many different things – the atmosphere, the mood, the person you’re trying to hook up with, etc. But still, don’t beat around the bush for too long. Introduce yourself, flirt, tease a little, pick up. Whether it’s a phone number or straight into a taxi, that’s the best way.

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5. Be Yourself

Again, this might seem cheesy, but it’s actually imperative. We can all sense when someone is pretending or trying too hard, right? Authenticity is priceless, and most people will appreciate it more than you can imagine.

Well, now you know – 5 easy steps to get laid. Just kidding, but it will definitely improve your chances if nothing else. Happy hunting, ladies and gentlemen.

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