The Ultimate 5 Ways to Create a Healthy Work Environment for Better Employees Productivity

One of the things that is very important to support employees’ productivity is a comfortable and friendly workplace. Not only that, with a supportive workplace – employee turnover rate will also lower. In addition, their loyalty will also increase. Thus, it will be easier for the company to succeed in accelerating its growth.

Are you an HR professional or a team leader that aims to create a healthy work environment? If yes, check out the complete guide below to help you achieve the best out of your team’s productivity!

What is Work Environment

The work environment is everything related to employee activities while in a company. It starts from the company culture, physical environment, to the supporting facilities provided. There are two types of corporate work environments that are both needing attention, the physical and non-physical work environment.

The physical work environment is an environment that is directly related to employees during work. Such as workspace, chairs, tables, computers, and many other supporting facilities. Proper lighting, temperature, humidity, air circulation, and noise are also helpful and included in this category.

While the non-physical work environment includes circumstances or conditions related to relations between employees, company culture, corporate generosity, working conditions, and work-life balance. Both, the physical environment and the non-physical work environment will play an important role in increasing employee productivity and comfort in the office.

Effective Ways to Create a Healthy Work Environment

As previously mentioned, creating a healthy work environment can affect the productivity of employee performance. Therefore, it’s very important to ensure your company has a healthy and comfortable work environment. To create a healthy work environment, here are the steps that you can do.

1. Apply Strict Rules Regarding of Cleanliness

Creating a healthy work environment should start with ensuring the cleanliness of the workspace. A clean work environment can also increase employee productivity besides being pleasant to work in. Employees will not feel cramped because of piles of documents or distracted due to the strong odors from the pantry or unloaded trash can. With the minimal distraction, employees can definitely focus more on completing their work. 

To ensure workspace cleanliness, you can start by hiring an office cleaning commercial to help keep the office clean at all times, and also implementing strict rules regarding cleanliness in the company to ensure employees also take part in keeping the office clean and tidy.

2. Spacious Workspace

The next way to create a healthy work environment is to ensure your company has a spacious workspace. There is no exact sizing of a proper workspace because it will depend on how large the team is. But making sure that your team has a spacious workspace that can help them move freely, can make working feel better and easier. If you have an open space for your office, make sure that you still have at least one private room that can be used as a meeting room or to be utilized if a private conversation is to be conducted. 

Additionally, when finding commercial office furniture for your workspace, prioritize ergonomic designs that promote comfort and support. Investing in adjustable desks and chairs can maximize space utilization and improve employee well-being and productivity.

3. Adequate Ventilation and Lighting

When you want to create a healthy work environment, make sure there is adequate ventilation and lighting. Good air circulation and adequate lighting have a positive impact on body health. In fact, these two factors can do wonders for your employee’s health. If sick leave can be minimized among employees, it means work delays can also be prevented. 

4. Hire Employees with Positive Personality

Apart from supporting facilities, to create a healthy work environment you also have to ensure that recruited employees have a positive personality that can be a great additional persona in the team. Employees with a positive personality will be able to influence other employees to behave the same way. 

To make sure you hire only the right employees, you can give them an MBTI test during the recruitment process to find out whether the candidate is suitable for your company or not. You don’t want to spend time, money, and energy just to hire the wrong staff for the position.

5. Have Proper Supporting Facilities

One more thing that should be considered to create a healthy work environment is by providing your employees with proper supporting facilities, such as laptops, high-speed wifi, projectors, and many other tools that have a function to support employees’ productivity. The facilities mentioned here, will be according to the work needs of the employees. With proper supporting facilities, employees can complete their work more quickly and easily.

Here are the ultimate guide to help you create a healthy work environment. By following the complete tips above, it will be easier for you to create a healthy work environment that can support productivity, enhance company success, and retain employees better.

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