10 Things You Should NEVER Say During Sex

Top 10 Forbidden Things You Should NEVER Say During Sex

Unless moaning and groaning is your only sex talk, here’s what you should look out for. If you say something wrong during sex, it might not just be a turn-off, but something even worse!

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1. Are You Going To Finish?

Why? You got someplace else to be? You’re hungry? Or I am boring you with my sex? If any of these are true, or you’re just sleepy, simply lie. A little white lie is okay.

2. Sorry

If you’re a little clumsy, that’s fine. But don’t apologize every time you do something wrong. Unless you’re a teenager and it’s your first time – in that case, you are forgiven.

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3. Aww, cute!

Yeah, cute, but not sexy. Don’t say “cute” during sex. Only say “aww, cute” when you see a puppy or a kitty.

4. Just Watch The Sheets

Oh, okay. You just washed them? Got ya! I will be super careful not to leave any sex traces on the bed. Not even the FBI will be able to find them.

5. Is It In?

I don’t know about this one, guys. I think it might be a myth. Has anyone ever witnessed this one? It sounds too rude to be true.

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6. I Love You

If you really do, don’t say this. Not unless you’ve been together for at least a year. Instead, replace it with “damn, you’re hot!”

7. My Ex Used To…

Nope. Don’t know. Don’t wanna know. Whatever he or she did during sex, don’t care.

8. Don’t Worry About It Honey

This can only be about two things: you’re not hard enough, or she didn’t reach a climax. Either way, just pretend everything is fine and don’t say that. Please. It’s even better to kick your sex partner out of the house naked than say that.

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9. You’d Make A Great Dad

Aaaand, there goes the erection. Bye, erection! Hello, blue balls! Also, do I have enough condoms in reserve? Nah, I’ll buy a couple of hundred more.

10. How Many Guys Have You Slept With Before Me?

Seriously, that’s your concern right now? Or maybe you’re just worried that you’re not experienced enough and your fragile ego needs a boost.

Well, there you have it. Ten major turn-offs, to say the least. Some might even get you slapped. And unless it’s a fetish kind of game that does involve slapping, we suggest you don’t say these things. Otherwise, you might as well wear this. Same thing, really.

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