Public Domain Photography Photo Contest 2017

Show Your Photography Skills- Public Domain Photography Photo Contest 2017

Bloggers of all ages, countries, experience and backgrounds are invited to take part in the biggest Open Competition of the Internet’s photography contest.

How many times have you accessed Google images and many other sites to get photos for your articles? Do you ever get paid for doing that? But what if I told you that you can win CASH REWARDS for using images on your website?

Say Hi to a contest of its own kind, customized specifically for bloggers – The Photo Contest 2017. It is sponsored by Public Domain Photography and Australia Unwrapped.

About Photo Contest 2017

  • It’s a competition designed to reward bloggers for using images from Public Domain Photography
  • Participants access the site to get images for their articles and in return enter into a draw
  • The contest is split into two parts:
    • Daily Draws, and
    • Weekly Draws
  • In the Daily Draws, you get paid for using a minimum of 20 images from the website
  • Daily payouts are only for participants who meet the minimum threshold
  • The Weekly Draw is like a jackpot. The top 7 persons with the highest number of images from the website are paid for their effort. All winners of the Daily Draw are automatically enrolled into the Weekly Draw

Who can participate?

  • All Bloggers
  • All persons with a personal website

How do I participate?

  • First, visit Public Domain Photography and Create an Account for free
  • Email Us at “” starting with the words Photo Contest 2017 so that you can be enrolled into the contest
  • Go back to doing what you enjoy doing – blogging!
  • Use as many images as you can from Public Domain Photography in your published articles
  • Send us links to all your published articles (We also offer backlinks to get your site more traffic!) – use this email (
  • And that’s it!!!! It’s as simple as that

N/B: Make sure you have access to the email you use during signup. We shall use it to contact all winners

Who Selects Winners?

  • Every participant is assigned a specific staff member who keeps track of the number of images you use from the site
  • This number is fed into a computer program that automatically arranges users from the top to the least
  • All users are contacted through the emails they provided during signup

What Can You Win?

  • Cash rewards depending on the number of images used
  • Help with getting more traffic on your site

Please read this to know more about Public Domain Photography  

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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