Is Australia Really That Racist Or It’s Just The Media That Troll Australia?

Australian’s Racist? It Depends on Definition

What one person defines as racism isn’t shared by another. Some people set that racism bar extremely high and when you refer to racism, what do you mean exactly? It isn’t a question that we ask, let alone answer. When you talk about racism, you should actually refer to the type of extremism that you see from white nationalists or supremacists.
In many people’s minds racism is only racism when the individual belief that one race is superior to another. It is racism when it involves an outburst of some kind or an expression. Physical racial violence, nasty racial vilification, the Ku Klux Klan, that is racism! Anything else isn’t really or truly racism.
An Australian public debate with the ongoing media coverage and trolling of race issues, brought up this question again, is Australia a racist country? Whenever there is a public incident or controversy, the question is posed. For the majority of Australians, the suggestion that racism exists in Australia, it is a grave insult.

Facts Show Otherwise

There are media trolls and claims, especially by activists, green groups and the ABC that Australia is a racism-filled country, however, facts show the exact opposite. Australia’s border protection and immigration policies are prove that Australia is NOT a racially discriminate country.

Australia Is A Generous Nation

Australia is consistently ranked between the three top nations around the world, along with Canada and the United States, as a country that resettles refugees. Between 2017 and 2018 Australia allowed 16, 250 permanent places to refugees.
According to the immigration ministers, it is unacceptable and grossly unfair that young Australians are told and brought under the impression that Australia is a racist country.
While robust debate fuels a democracy, the number of things that unite Australians are far greater than those aspects that divide us. Unfortunately, it is the work of extremists that are intent on running Australia down and trying to change the nation’s believes to their prejudices, that are behind these allegations. They along with a short-sighted media should be held accountable.



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