How To Put A Stop To Unhealthy Eating Habits

Change Your Eating Habits

Realizing that your eating habits are not healthy and wanting to do something about it is a great first step toward actually making a difference. However, it can be hard to get started when you don’t know how to approach this endeavour. To help you out, we’ve singled out several crucial tips that will get you on the road towards kicking these habits to the curb. Take a look.

Rearrange Your Kitchen

You should start by creating an environment that will allow you to reach your goals. That often means rearranging your kitchen. Is this area full of empty-calorie snack foods that catch your eye whenever you enter it? Are there cookies and other sugary snacks on the counter? Do leftovers, fatty sweet treats and sugary drinks take up most of your refrigerator? It’s time to change these storage habits to encourage a healthier eating practice. First of all, no one expects you to get rid of all these snacks at once as kicking unhealthy habits is a process. However, you can take baby steps by placing these empty-calorie snacks in a spot where you won’t see them all the time. Look for a place that is high so that they’re not within hand’s reach. Put a fruit bowl on your counter instead of a cookie jar. Finally, restock your fridge with healthy options and put them front and centre and place those unhealthy items somewhere in the back.

Limit Your Distractions When Eating

Regardless of whether we are eating alone or with more people, it is not uncommon to get distracted when having a meal. However, this most often happens when we are on our own seeing as how we usually eat in front of the TV or laptop, while reading magazines or checking our social media feeds. This is a habit you should do your best to kick as it typically leads to overeating. Next time when it’s time to eat, turn off your devices, set the table and put your food on a plate (don’t eat out of a box or plastic container!) and practice mindful eating. This means that you should focus on every bite you take and really experience the taste, texture and smell.

Find Healthy Delivery Alternatives

Another unhealthy habit we turn to when we don’t have time to cook is ordering in or going out to eat. While this doesn’t have to be the worst thing in the world, the fact is that we mostly go to fast food joints to get our meals. You should swap this practice for a healthier one. Luckily, nowadays there is no lack of restaurants that offer healthy meals at approachable prices. What is more, you can even order delicious healthy foods as companies like My Fitness Kitchn specialize in delivering fresh meals to your doorstep. There is really no excuse not to eat healthily with all these alternatives at your disposal.

Stop Eating Beyond The Point Of Hunger

Seeing as how we are always expected to eat everything that is on our plate in order to be polite and show good manners, it is no wonder that we often eat more than we actually need. In addition to this, being distracted when we eat can make the matter even worse. The aforementioned mindful eating is vital here as well. Try slowing down your eating practice and really chewing each bite so that you are able to notice when you have had enough. Useful tips here include putting down your fork in between bites, cutting your food into small pieces and drinking water after a few bites.

Pay Attention To What You Drink

In addition to the foods you eat, you also need to be aware of the drinks you have during the day. Keep in mind that various coffee drinks contain a lot of fat, sugar and calories. While a frothy cappuccino or flavoured latte might be very appealing, you should look for some other low-calorie alternatives such as a small skim cappuccino. Then, instead of opting for soda, drink water during meals. Lastly, if you drink wine at dinner, be wary of your portions as, besides the health benefits, wine also contains plenty of calories. One glass should be just enough.

We know that completely changing your lifestyle and eating habits can be a bit difficult. However, start slowly and after a few baby steps, you will see your health improve and that will inspire you to stick to these newly formed habits. Find healthy alternatives, practice mindful eating and keep unhealthy snacks out of sight. You got this!\

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