The New Lifestyle Concept of Geo Diet – Whole Life Wellness

Exploring Weight Loss and Wellness Philosophically

Who does not want to lose a little weight and feel a little better about themselves? Going Geo is a new concept founded in ancient philosophy and principles of whole-life wellness, the concept explores the possibility from birth we have been indoctrinated into a particular way of thinking, doing and being. Geo traverses alternative pathways to wellness of both the body and mind, linking definitively physical and mental wellbeing while also exploring harm minimisation and utilising the internal desire to do good into a way of life.

The Geo Diet throws the rules you think you know out of the window helping individuals explore not only who they are but also what they can become. Geo proposes each one of us is powerful beyond our imaginations; we are of limitless potential from an infinite universe. When you begin to explore the concept that Max Atlas and the Geo philosophy present to you it becomes evident that this is about a way of life, a way of thinking and doing, becoming more than just the sum of your parts.

Will Geo Diet Suit Everyone?

Unlike most philosophies with Geo you can never fail, your progress may be slow, and progressing through the stages of Geo will involve a wholesale change in man peoples lives, the concept never judges. Each one of us has to walk our own path, but sometimes that path is hard to see, we may at times change the way we think and see the world while in another moment we are seemingly happy being told this is the way things are. We may use drugs, alcohol, tobacco, quick sex, and others vices to temporarily fill a gap in our consciousness and deliver short term gratification and pleasure.  However ask yourself is this what you want, and if that truly makes you happy then read no further, as Geo is about living a spiritual, healthy and natural existence.

How do you see yourself? Just a bag of bones carrying around a consciousness that sits in your brain? Or worse than that you are only an evolutionary chance, and this is all there is. By starting on your Geo journey your earth journey you will have the concept of self, but also a deep desire to know more, find an inner knowledge and connection to all there is, all there has been and all there ever will. The universe in Geo is alive, and each tiny atom to the biggest star are linked each one of us has always been and always will be, in a universe of infinite possibilities your human experience is a gift allows you to understand yourself, environment, solar system, galaxy and universe.

How Can I get Started Going Geo?

Going Geo is about getting the most out of your life, living in the moment and experiencing the gift of self-awareness. As you grow and develop your pathway towards self-enlightenment and following principles of harm minimization, you will find you are eating better, exercising more, thinking positivity and most importantly exploring the opportunity of life to it’s fullest. While Geo Diet presents 13 Rules and 8 Steps at no time does it make demands, each person must walk their own path, however mentally and physically by looking after yourself, you will get the most out of the gift of life.  

By empowering yourself with Geo you remain in control, its about eating healthy and nutritious foods, doing good without t the expectation of return and giving back to the universe that has created us by respecting ourselves, and by proxy respecting others and other forms of experiencing the world.  For argument’s sake ask yourself what you truly are to the world and what the world thinks of you? Are you a flower bloomed from nature or a bee just borrowing its nutrition. Geo follows the path that we are the flowers, bloomed of the earth and our time of self-awareness our consciousness is our opportunity to experience the bloom.

10 Reason You Should Consider the Geo Diet

  1. Lose weight in a healthy, sustainable and life long way.
  2. Enjoy a non-judgemental philosophy that you can use as a guide at your own pace and in your own time.
  3. Gain the concept of self, thus the miracle of life and begin to enjoy this part of your journey through a perspective of self-love and understanding.
  4. Focus on yourself and what good you can do during your human experience.
  5. Reprogramme how you see the world forming solid foundations to free you to mind from the burden of negativity.
  6. Use personal fitness to a level you are able working towards good health and prolonged fruitful experience of consciousness.
  7. You will begin to understand birth is not the beginning and death is not the end; they are part of an infinite cycle intertwined with our environment.
  8. Enjoying each moment for what it is, understanding the past is memories and the future is yet to come, you will begin enjoying the moment and making life choices that will give you the fullest experience.
  9. Learn to enjoy your job, your environment and making the most out of the situations you find yourselves in while striving to change and grow each day. The good moments will become treasured and the bad moments will become a motivation to change.
  10. Accept good, bad and evil happens while challenging yourself each day to improve not only your self but for others. Geo is about the choices we make, and each determination is made up of different moments.

Geo Diet and Lifestyle Final Say

Going Geo is about self-responsibility, a deep understanding of what it means to be you, as you grow into the Geo way of thinking you will begin to understand all you can truly control is yourself, and it’s up to you to influence change. No more getting offended, no more blaming others, you are in charge, you have the power and only you can live this gift of consciousness the way you want it. Failure and pain are part of growth; we must to truly live be willing to make changes, reflect and evolves, one life, one chance make the first step today and go Geo.

With Geo you will never ask: “What can you do for me.” You will ask “What can I do for myself.”

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New Lifestyle Concept of Geo Diet - Whole Life Wellness

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