How To Avoid Kidney Stones – Simple Solutions

Everyone who has ever had to deal with the pain of kidney stones knows that the very last thing they want is to experience another attack of kidney stones. As a result, it is of the utmost importance to be familiar with methods that may prevent the formation of another kidney stone.

However, it is essential to have a better understanding of the sort of kidney stone that you have had in order to stop the issue from occurring again and do so more effectively.

Types Of Kidney Stones And How To Prevent Them From Coming Back

In order to reduce the risk of developing another kidney stone, drinking plenty of water is an essential step; however, it is not the only one.

Even though it is absolutely necessary, getting the recommended amount of water each day might not be enough to stop the formation of another kidney stone. There are a few more steps that need to be followed, the specifics of which change depending on the type of kidney stone and also assist in lowering the risk of the issue occurring again.

So, familiarize yourself with the different kinds of kidney stones and learn which foods you should steer clear of and which ones you should consume more of in order to prevent each kind of kidney stone:

Uric Acid Stone

If you have ever suffered from uric acid stones, you need to watch the amount of protein you consume very carefully. In spite of the fact that they are advantageous for the vast majority of people, they raise the level of uric acid in the body.

When it comes to the consumption of meat, fish, chicken, eggs, and milk, exercise extreme caution. A number of different types of alcoholic beverages, including beer, should also be avoided. In addition to this, it is absolutely necessary to stay away from foods that contain a lot of salt.

On the other hand, increase the amount of tomatoes, nuts, and strawberries you consume. Also pay attention to the amount of water that you consume. A minimum of two litres per day is recommended for optimal health.

Calcium Oxalate Stone

The calcium oxalate stone is the second type of kidney stone that can develop. As the name suggests, the most effective method for preventing this type of stone is to drastically cut back on the amount of oxalate-containing foods that one consumes. The primary ones are as follows:

  • Chocolate
  • Sweet potato
  • Green cabbage
  • Broccoli
  • Cocoa powder
  • Black tea
  • Soy

Also, be wary of the supplements you take because some of them contain ingredients that could make the problem even more severe. This is especially the case with dietary supplements containing vitamin C, vitamin D, and calcium.

It is imperative that you seek the advice of a medical professional in order to determine which dietary supplements are appropriate for you to take and which ones you should steer clear of. This does not imply that you should steer clear of any and all supplements.

Reduce the amount of salt you put in your diet and stay away from items that are rich in salt since the salt causes an increase in the amount of calcium that is stored in your kidneys, which makes it simpler for new stones to develop.

Cystine Stone

Abusing salt is not a smart idea for anybody who wishes to reduce their risk of developing further kidney stones.

Cystine stones are typically rather uncommon. There aren’t a lot of requirements to meet for this particular kind. Increase the amount of water you drink and stay away from salt and foods that are high in salt, such sausage, sauces, and industrially produced broths, for example.

Struvite Stone

Because urinary tract infections raise the pH of the urine, which in turn causes kidney stones to develop, struvite stones are often formed after the infection of the urinary system.

Drinking more water and working to improve your immune system are two effective ways to forestall the development of kidney stones. Increase the frequency of your physical activity and work on improving your food habits.

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