How Malcolm Turnbull won Australia Election

How Malcolm Turnbull Won Australia Election

How Malcolm Turnbull won the election? Australia’s Prime Minister became victorious in the tightly contested election, despite failing to get the magical 76 seats. He declared victory after the opposition Labor party leader conceded defeat.

While agreeing on the defeat, Bill Shorten said that it was evident Mr.Turnbull would form the next government. He went ahead to wish him all the best and asked for a properly run government.

This was an 8-week election whose campaign came to an end on 2nd July. But there was no clarity whether neither the Conservative nor the Labor party would garner the needed number of seats.

The electoral commission is yet to release the details of the results. It will do so on Friday. But the current forecasts are that the Labor Party took 69 seats. The Greens is predicted to have won one while the remaining parties collectively secured 4 seats.

How Malcolm Turnbull Won

But as you would expect, such a move will not fail to raise eyebrows. Mr. Shorten conceded defeat at a time when anxiety is everywhere. No party is confident of getting the 76 seats in the Lower House needed for it to form the government. Moreover, the elections are still being counted.

Currently, the coalition has 74 seats and is still supported by three independent and minor party politicians – Andrew Wilkie, Bob Katter and Cathy McGowan.

Probably that is what made the opposition to decide and give up before Friday.

Mr. Shorten made a quick prediction that Malcolm Turnbull won Australia election and opted to settle the high political tension. He said “It is clear that Mr Turnbull and his coalition will form a government.”

Bill Shorten Move Welcomed

The PM in waiting said at a news conference that they had successfully won the election. “We have secured the largest number of seats in parliament.”

But he did not fail to acknowledge the tough election when he said it was a “tough business.” Furthermore, he agreed to Mr Shorten’s call for a common ground in parliament.

No Time to Celebrate

Opposition leader Bill Shorten is taunting Mr Turnbull at every opportunity and predicting a return to the polls within a year.

Mr Turnbull will not find it easy to pass budget cuts. He will require the corral populist senators to do so.

Maybe his party is supporting him now, but the opposition is maintaining a closer look of the situation. He therefore has no room to make a wrong decision.

Malcolm Turnbull won the election but the tight contest will pressurize the government’s agenda. The effect of not getting the majority will derail him in the Senate. It is expected that many minor parties and independent candidates share a bigger portion of the Upper House seats. Thus, the PM will find difficulty in passing legislation in the Senate.

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