Main Australian Political Parties

Australian political parties Australia in a present time comprises of a federal parliament that consists of a number of diverse features that include mandatory voting along with complete preference instant-runoff voting in single-member seats in order to effect the election of the Australian House of Representatives, the Lower House as well as the use of group ticket single transferable proportional voting in order to elect the Australian Senate, the upper house.

The parties and politics comprise of a two-party system. The main Australian Political Parties are the Australian Labor Party on one side and the Liberal/National Coalition on the other. Apart from it, the lower house consists of 5 of the total 150 non-major party MPS if considered federally. The upper house, on the other hand, comprises of 18 out of 76.

ALP – One of the Major Australian Political Parties: –

There are two different political groups that dominate the political spectrum of Australia. One of the two major Australian Political Parties is the Australian Labor Party.  Also considered as ALP, the Australian Political Party is the left-wing party of Australia that has been formally linked to the labor movement of Australia. This party came into establishment in the year 1893 and has been a major party out of all the Australian Political Parties since the year 1901. At present, this party is serving government in the places of Victoria. South Australia, Australian Capital Territory and Queensland.

The Conservative group: –

Another political party out of the two major Australian Political Parties is the conservative group of the parties which are in the coalition at the level of federal structure. The main party of this conservative group is the centre-right Liberal Party which is nothing but the modern form of the orthodox grouping which existed ever since the Protectionist Party and Free Trade Party were fusioned into the Commonwealth Liberal Party in the year 1909. This one of the two major Australian Political Parties has changed its nomenclature a number of times. The modern form of this party was founded in the year 1944 by Robert Menzies.

The Role of the Australian Political Parties: –

These two major Australian Political Parties make sure the federal government system in the country run smoothly without any goof ups. These political parties aim at the smooth functioning of the government in the country along with maintaining a stable condition. Although there are number of other non-major Australian Political Parties, these two political parties still rule the Australian politics.

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