Turnbull’s 8 Key Issues – What Do They Actually Mean

Turnbull’s 8 Key Issues – Malcolm Turnbull used his campaign launch to declare a vote for the government was a vote for stability and certainty in troubled post-Brexit times in his speech Mr Turnbull touched on eight key issues.

UNITY – Turnbull’s 8 Key Issues

He started by acknowledging his predecessors John Howard and Tony Abbott.  Mr.Howard “set the gold standard” for successful and effective governments,  Mr.Turnbull deposed was to be saluted for ending “the chaos and dysfunction of the Rudd-Gillard-Rudd years” and remained a dedicated advocate for the coalition.


The times demand a stable majority government and Australians shouldn’t risk “a roll of the dice on independents or minor parties”. “Vote for anyone other than the Liberal and National Party candidates and the risk is that Australians will next week finds themselves with Bill Shorten as prime minister and no certainty about their future.”


The country needs to experience economic leadership and a plan for growth and jobs, and only the coalition can deliver this. All hopes and dreams depend on strong economic growth. That’s not about some academic theory, but “millions of Australians being able to lead better lives, with more choices, better jobs, more opportunities and when working days are ended, a more secure retirement”. “We have always been a lucky country but today more than ever we need to make our own luck.”

BUDGET – Turnbull’s 8 Key Issues

Every element of the coalition’s plan for national prosperity is fully costed and paid for. It will drive higher growth and more jobs and reduce deficits to come back into balance in 2020/21. “It’s all there in the budget and guarantees record investments in health, Medicare and schools.”


The coalition government finished trade deals with Japan, Korea, China, Singapore and the Trans-Pacific Partnership in the past three years while Labor concluded none during its six years of government. Deals with Europe and Britain will need to be renegotiated in the wake of the Brexit vote.

EDUCATION – Turnbull’s 8 Key Issues

The coalition plans to spend a total of $73.6 billion over the next four years on schools to ensure no young Australian is left behind. Announced new policies of $48 million for scholarships under the Smith Family’s Learning for Life program and $31 million in programs to encourage more girls and women to study and work in science, technology, engineering and mathematics.



Recalled what happened when Labor scrapped Howard-era border protection policies, with 50,000 asylum seekers arriving on boats, at least 1200 dead at sea and an “$11 billion border protection budget blowout”. Acknowledged the coalition’s policies were tough but necessary and said his government would remain “resolute in defending the sovereignty, the security of our borders”.


NATIONAL SECURITY – Turnbull’s 8 Key Issues

“National security and economic security go hand in hand”. Highlighted the coalition’s continuous shipbuilding strategy that will support jobs and make sure Australia retains its naval capabilities. Announced a $64 million crackdown on illegal firearm trafficking.

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