Foundation Mistakes That You Should Avoid!

Top 6 Common Foundation Mistakes To Be Avoided:-

It’s really hard to find out the perfect foundation according to your skin type and skin tone. It doesn’t matter how much brilliant you are in doing makeup, we still face difficulties in buying the right foundation. You should avoid next time if you’re making the following mistakes:

Common Foundation Mistakes

Many girls don’t feel comfortable without foundation but are you doing your regular makeup without any mistake? think once again!


1- Applying too Much Foundation

While applying makeup, you should be careful about the foundation. We all make a big mistake of applying too much foundation to cover our pimples, spots and damaged skin. You’ll never get the natural look if you do this mistake. Use makeup sponge or tissue, so it will soak up the extra foundation.

2- Testing Shades on the Back of Hand

While buying makeup, you should remind yourself, your face skin is not the same as the skin of your hand. Most of us apply the makeup on the back of a hand to check the result. But whenever you apply that same product on your face, you’ll see a big difference. So, whenever you want to buy foundation or another thing of makeup, always test that product on your face. And always take care of your skin tone.

3- Applying Concealer Under Foundation

Always apply the foundation first and then concealer. After setting the foundation, you can blend the concealer better and can apply anywhere, you need!

4- Skipping Primer

When you apply foundation for 24 hours, after some hours, your foundation will change its color (like an orange colour). A mixture of foundation pigment and the oil of skin increases the PH and your face makeup changes its colour. To stop this, apply primer which works like a barrier and your makeup will remain the same for a long time.

5- Stopping at your Jawline

To get a natural look, never stop applying foundation at your jawline, apply foundation on your neck too!

6- Too Much Silica Powder

Silica powder is used to soak up the extra oil and shine. But you’ll see the bad results if you apply silica powder too much.

I am sure, you have learned how to apply foundation like Pro! So, now you can go out with full confidence after applying your regular makeup.

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