Obsessive Makeup Trends 2017-18

Trending Makeup Trends in 2017-2018

You must be curious about makeup trends in 2017-18, we’re thankful for 2016 to be an amazing year in the makeup industry! Previous year brought more Naked palettes with beautiful nude colours, knife liners, more lipsticks shades, highlighters and we’ve learned more about new styles of makeup!

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Latest Makeup Trends 2017-18

Now, what will we see in the upcoming years? For this, let’s check what great makeup artists like Daniel Martin, Nina Park, and Patrick Ta to say about new makeup trends!

Lip Gloss

In 2016, Matte lip was the trend! But TA and Park have decided to start 2017 with the glossy lips. It will be a refreshing change in trend for 2017-18

Skin That Breathes

Last year was all about strobing, baking and contour. But next year will be all about the fresh skin and fresh makeup look, paired with bold eyes and bold lips.

Dimensional Lips

The upcoming year is bringing us some glittery dimensional lips which we have recently seen at DKNY and at Fendi. Martin has revealed a new idea which was; layer two different effects like satiny and a dab of glitter with gloss in the centre of your lips.

Straight, Boyish Brows

When we ask about brows trends in 2017-18 and park is coming up with natural and straight brows. As Park says, it will make you look younger. If you want elegant and trendy brows, use tweezers, pencils, powder and use gel to set them in place & fill your brows.

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Black Liner

In 2017-18, Phillip Lim, Rag & Bone and Chloe bringing the black liner applied only in the middle of eyes and bottom lash line.

Pretty in Pink

“Pink” will be the new trend in 2017-18. As Martin loves pink and rosy shades. The beauty of this colour is, you can put this colour at any part of your face, and it always brings you fresh and healthy face. The new trend will come up with high cheeks, soft eyes and glowing lips.

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Metallic Makeup Look

“Park and TA” still lined up the gloss, vinyl finishes with glimmer and metallic eye makeup.

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As per experts’ suggestions, 2017-18 will be glittery and shiny!

Main Image Source : Pixabay

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