Top 7 Prettiest Eyeshadow Palettes Brands

Prettiest Eyeshadow & Eye palettes

Are you looking for perfect eyeshadow? Well, your search ends right here!

Top 7 prettiest Eyeshadow palettes brands
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Here, we are going to discuss the best and prettiest palettes available in the market. With the help of beauticians, our best friends and internet research, we came with the list of individually test colours. So, next time you go to the mall, you know the colour to look for!

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Without delay, let us begin?

List of Top 7 Prettiest Eyeshadow Palettes Brands

The list goes here for your consideration!

Top 7 prettiest Eyeshadow palettes brands
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1- Bobbi Brown Shimmer Wash Eyeshadow

Bobbi Brown Shimmer is mostly used to highlight the lid of the eye. Seems like, this one is perfect if you seek just a splash of colour instead of statement eye. It looks stunning if used under the brow bones.

2- Chanel Long Wear Luminous EyeShadow

As the name suggests, Chanel eyeshadow is has a cream to powder texture. Two size pigment formula is the speciality of this eye shadow. It will stay longer and the best part, it reflects the light to gain the shimmer effect!

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3- Urban Decay Naked Palette

If you are seriously into palettes, Urban Decay Naked Palette is made for you!

This classic cult features 12 different gold-hued shades, including cream, smoky grey, black, matte and satin. Because of specialised shimmer and sparkle formula, it provides a wide range of looks for different occasions. You can have a smoky eyes for party or no nude lid without makeup!

4- Bourjois Little Round Pot Eyeshadow

This shadow package has a soft baked powder texture. That’s why you can easily blend them. Moreover, you will have the subtle luminous finish! And the best thing, it is not hard in your pocket!

5- Rimmel Glam Eyes Quad Eye Shadow

If you are into latest colour trends, Rimmel Glam eyeshadow is one for you!

Each set contains high quality pigmented shadows. Secondly, each palette comprised of four different complementary shades. This one comes handy when you want the fade colour statement.

6- Origins Ginzing Brightening Cream Eyeshadow

Origins Ginzing eyeshadow is being adored for its dual purpose. One can use it like crease-free cream shadow or may put as the primer so the powder shadow can stay longer!

7- NARS Matte Eyeshadow

Just as it sounds, this matte powder shadow is famous for its stunning velvet and high pigmented finish. You must give it a try for the small touch of statement colour.

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