Meaning of Diversity is Our Greatest Strength

Diversity is out Greatest Strength Soundbite

The modern times are confusing beyond all reasonable expectations. Governments often use meaningless words and soundbites, that may sound good to them, but in the real world hold little value or common understanding. I have argued for a long time, this is by design. Designed to keep us in a perpetual state of confusion, thus difficult to mount a challenge or debate, as the parameters are not clear.

So is diversity a good thing?

So is diversity a good thing?

Let it be in no doubt, no single culture is perfect, and learning through shared experiences, and others mistakes can help us grow as a species. However the human condition thrives on familiarity, and when changes happen to quickly it can cause conflict, as opposed to diversity working well, one dominate culture begins to override another dominant culture.

Australia’s past is a prime example of what can happen when population replacement occurs, and that did not end well for the original Australians, we are only just now starting to make amends for mistakes of the past.

I love Indian food, I adore the principles of Buddhism and I respect the strong interconnected communities that Muslims have. However, the growth and expansion of these communities should be at a pace that we are able to absorb the best of the cultures while weeding out the bits that are not suited to our way of life.

Diversity is our Greatest Strength the Lie

Diversity is our Greatest Strength the Lie

We must learn lessons from London, where the demographics have changed so rapidly. London has a crime wave epidemic presently, yet they continue with mass migration in spite of the per-capita reduction in public services such as police and available hospital beds. So ask yourself, increasing amounts of people, all with unique needs and backgrounds, fewer services and more possibility of miss understanding. What possibly could go wrong.

One way to think of this is lets say we have a wonderful diverse team of people whom each speak a different language. They have a task to complete in one hour that relies them to work together. However as they all speak individual languages communication is impossible and the task will fail, in this case the diversity is the weakness.

However, let’s say we have a Japanese nuclear engineer, American physicist, English structural engineer, and an Iranian occupational safety expert. They have to solve a problem regarding a pending upcoming nuclear catastrophic event, they each speak Arabic and are able to use the skills from their individual backgrounds to solve the problem and save the world, thus their diversity is their strength.

When Diversity Works Best

Communities around the globe work well when all the parts are oiled and working cohesively. Sensible immigration programs based on need, skills and community outreach. When people join the new communities there should be an expectation of integration not division.

When Diversity Works Best

People do not want another suffering, however, it is part of our very fabric to protect what we have, and what is familiar to us. We want our kids to succeed, want to respect woman, embrace all communities and give them a chance to flourish with us and not at the expense of the original inhabitants of that area.

Diversity is Strength is Orwellian

The truth is diversity can be both a weakness and a strength depending on the situation. Therefore it is safe to conclude the current mantra being spouted from the mouths of politicians is untrue at best. For me, it is designed to shut down genuine debate, and not allow critical analysis of when mass uncontrolled migration does not work. Australia offers a good model the world can reflect upon, however through globalisation, the tidal wave may only temporarily be in retreat, and maybe a better way to globally view the issues is looking how wealth and resources can be more fairly distributed. Diversity is Strength is at its most benign an ideological slogan and at it’s worst a means to control freedom of speech.

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