Acne, Acne Outbreak And Scar Prevention.

Acne is a skin disease where the process is in the skin’s sebaceous follicle. There are many words used to describe an acne, for example – papule, pustule, nodule, cyst, and comedo. These words have their own meaning and more or less indicate the condition of the acne.

Acne, Acne Outbreak And Scar Prevention.
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 For example:
1. comedo (or plural – comedones) is a sebaceous follicle which is plugged with sebum or dead cells from the inside of the sebaceous follicle, usually by tiny hairs or bacteria. When these comedones are exposed or ‘open’, it is called a blackhead as one could see the plug with a blackish appearance. ‘Closed’ comedones are usually called whiteheads as they appear with normal skin colored or just as inflamed bumps on the skin, and the surface of the plug is not exposed.
2. A papule is a small solid lesion which is slightly elevated above the skin.
3. A pustule is a lesion containing pus, which usually consists of mixture of bacteria and dead skin cells.
4. A nodule is like a papule which is irregular or dome-shaped
5. A cyst is a sac lesion containing liquid material.
Acne usually happens when the sebaceous glands are active around puberty and is stimulated by male hormones (on both boys and girls). However, the existence of acne is mainly a poly aetiological condition. Some factors which are linked to acne are :
1. Genetic history
2. Hormonal activity
3. Hyperactive sebaceous glands
4. Stress
5. Unhealthy diet
6. Bad hygiene, bacteria, dirt
7. Inflammation due to scratching and etc.
One could try to treat the acne by themselves. Mild cleansers can be use to keep the skin clean and reduce irritation. Masques can also be applied as they contain certain chemical compounds that help to open up the pores and draw out the oil produced by the sebaceous glands. Antibacterial products could be use in the form of cleansers, lotions, gels or creams.
If the acne problem still troubles you, you could visit the dermatologist or physician. Usually, antibiotics, retinoids and sometimes even cortisone injections will be given. Antibiotics can be applied externally or consumed orally. Topical antibiotics which are frequently used are erythromycin, sulfacetamide and clindamycin. Acne, acne outbreak and scar prevention. used for treating acne are tetracycline, doxycycline and minocycline. Retinoids help by unclogging the pores and prevent shredding of the skin. It can be applied topically or taken orally. Topical retinoids are reported to cause flare up of acne whereas oral retinoids have been shown to be very effective in treating acne.

For the treatment of scars left by acne, surgical procedures could be done to elevate deep scars and fractional resurfacing (or laser resurfacing) for shallow scars. The best prevention for scarring is to not pick at the lesions. This could only promote bacteria growth and the scarring could get worse. Try to consult your doctor if you have severe acne problem that could not be treated from the above mentioned method.

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