Dreamworld Happiness, Goldcoast, Australia

Dreamworld (Coomera) – All You Need to Know

Australia has everything that qualifies it to the list of the best travel destinations round the globe. It is laden with beauty, either man- made or natural. On one side you an Australia, rich in fauna and flora, breathtakingly beautiful views of nature and on the other side you will see and Australia, fast and modern. There are many things in Australia which can take your breath away. Modern pubs, shopping centers, theme parks and fine dining options are crowd pullers.

The Dreamworld Happiness is one such crowd puller. It is the largest theme park of the heaven down under. It has as many as 40 super exciting rides and other attractions. The five roller coaster rides of this theme park are the favourite among the crowd.

Location of Dreamworld Happiness, Goldcoast, Australia

Dreamworld is located on the Gold Coast, Queensland in Australia.


The person behind this theme park is John Longhurst, who started the construction in the year 1974. The park was opened on 15 December in the year 1981. From the opening, till now, this park has witnessed several changes. Many new additions were made that intrigued the visitors.  Since its opening, this park has been attracting the local crowd and the travellers from across the world. During the course of time, it became one of the most amazing theme park.


The theme park enclose many theme lands that includes- Ocean Parade, Wiggles World, DreamWorks Experience, Gold Rush Country, Tiger Island, Rocky Hollow and Dreamworld Corroboree. These lands contain many exciting things that give an amazing and adventurous experience to the visitors. The theme park contains fun rides, shows, animal exhibits, merchandise shops and many food outlets.

In the year 2006, WhiteWater World was added to the Dreamworld. An event known as Screamworld is carried out on many occasions. During this event the visitors get a chance to ride super thrilling rides and many rides for the kids.

Things To Do

If you are an adventure junkie, this place is just for you. Take the jaw dropping rides at the park. The Claw, Cyclone, WipeOut, BuzzSaw are a few of them. There are also many rides for the family that includes Vintage Cars, Rocky Hollow Log Ride, Shockwaves and many more. The kids too, will have a great time as there are many rides for them as well.

There are many animal exhibits that happen in this theme park. You can do croc feeding and enjoy dingo pup exhibit, tiger walks and many more things like bird watching. The surfers can enjoy surfing. You can also take a train ride along with your family.

There are also many food options that serve amazing food and shops from where you can buy merchandises for yourselves as well as for your friends.


The location of the Australian Big Brother house, for the year 2001, was the Dreamworld.

This place is a great getaway option for kids as well as for adults. Visit the Dreamworld and enjoy the best and unforgettable experience of your life.

Have you visited this largest theme park of Australia? Have you something to tell us about your experience at the Ocean Parade, Wiggles World or DreamWorks Experience? Tell us about your visit, here.


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